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Second consecutive outing in which Blake Snell went six innings while allowing a run on four hits. He has allowed two runs over 17 innings in his three starts since the All-Star break..

Blake Snell now has a ERA in his last 3 starts, during a span of 17 innings. Blake Snell and Mike Clevinger have both been really, really good as of late. A huge development for the Padres and how great this starting rotation can be..

Blake Snell: “Last year we didn’t get Scherzer and Turner and that was sad. This year, we got everybody.”.

Sidenote, all of a sudden Blake Snell is good again? NOT. He’s always been good. Now he has some help finally..

Just an easy 6 innings with 9Ks and 1 ER for Blake Snell. This dude has been pitching his ass off since the All Star Break. If Blake Snell is your 4 that means your rotation is stacked. #TimeToShine.

Quel plaisir de se réveiller en tête d’une compétition (même si c’est la MLB) 🥰 Blake Snell a fait une masterclass qui m’offre 20 points d’avance sur le 2ème 👏 Attention, ce n’est pas terminé (malheureusement)… Il reste une nuit où tout reste possible 🥹.

Blake Snell Photo,Blake Snell Photo by Fuzzio,Fuzzio on twitter tweets Blake Snell Photo

The Padres got Blake Snell last year. That was hype, now they got fucking Soto. Who they get next year? Ohtani 💀💀.

Blake Snell has been cooking the Rockies tonight! 9 strikeouts thru the 5th 🔥.

Blake Snell Carved the Rockies “Left hand killers” up like the frauds they are! #GamblingTwitter 😴😴.

@973TheFanSD What I heard: Beers crackin and I believe soto and profar going back and forth bantering lol gotta love it! oh and Blake snell!.

Blake Snell the last 5 or so games has been fucking incredible, second half of season Snell is always the better Snell.

@Taiga563Akashi Past 2 years, and Padres get Blake Snell, Mike Clevinger, Yu Darvish, Juan Soto, Josh Bell, Brandon Drury to try and win. Angels get people like Jose Quintana, Trevor Cahill, & Julio Tehran to try and “win”… #SellTheTeamArte.

@SammyLev @973TheFanSD Wow who would have thought that Blake snell a player that always does better in the 2nd half is pitching better in the 2nd half.

Blake Snell is good again, Manny is locked in again. This team is gonna be a problem. #Padres.

@FoxNews for Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove, Blake Snell and plenty , left, and Josh Bell #19 during a news conference held to introduce them to the team Aug. 3, 2022 at Petco Park in San Diego, this trade deadline, they.

All being said, if the Padres somehow end up paying the following at once, I REALLY want to see how much it costs them 😂 Juan Soto, Manny Machado, Tatis Jr., Josh Bell, Josh Hader, Yu Darvish, Joe Musgrove, Blake Snell, Sean Manaea, Jake Cronenworth, Mike Clevinger 💰💰💰💰.

Happy birthday to the 2018 AL Cy Young Award winner and MLB All-Star, Blake Snell! We are so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished! Keep up the great work!.

Brandon Drury. Juan Soto. Jake Cronenworth. Manny Machado. Blake Snell. That was fun to watch. Excited to see this Padres team take another step. #TimeToShine.

⚾️ Final Score ⚾️ Colorado Rockies 1 - 9 San Diego Padres Blake Snell DK, FD Jake Cronenworth DK, FD Manny Machado DK, FD.

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