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BLM and Antifa Twitter

Matthew Perna committed suicide because of the extreme persecution he was undergoing by our own government. All he did was walk through open doors. But over 95% of Antifa and BLM rioters charges were dropped. I will not vote to fund a two-tiered justice system..

They still hunting down the BLM and Antifa people that burned and looted businesses and attacked the White House?.

The party and activists that told the BLM and Antifa radicals to take to the streets — while riots were unfolding — are suddenly upset with calls to protest against the Donald Trump charges..

@hrkbenowen Antifa and BLM are the domestic terrorist organizations. This fool is trying to silence law-abiding American citizens before they organize. Just another attempt at left wing sencorship through intimidation..

@RossDavidson7 @rawsalerts We have all seen the actual footage of Jan 6th everything u have spewed for over 2 years has been debunked nice try though now do actual violence antifa and BLM I dare u.

@Proud_usaGirl But if it was Antifa or BLM on J6 why did Fmh call them great patriots who read the bible and sing the natl. anthem? He posted exactly that? Btw would you care to explain what Antifa is??.

@JenTusch @AdamKinzinger Right after they arrest all ANTIFA and BLM member that broke the law during the so called summer of love.

Trump sued Stormy Daniels and won Stormy’s lawyer is now in prison for fraud and extortion But Trump is the 1 getting indicted? They R also coming 4 77 mill Trump voters who R moms at school board meetings; Pro Life protesters; Jan 6 protesters! But not Antifa or BLM terrorists.

ABC again putting words in Republicans mouth trumps calls for protest means he called for a civil war. Dems are the violent protested antifa and blm aborton all have been very violent yet they are peaceful but Republicans do it its a civil war and attack on democracy. Fake news!.

@Dawn73Nigel @DonaldJTrumpJr Apparently you were living under a rock for 2020. You missed out on all the leftist riots were dozens of people were murdered, hundreds were seriously injured, and billion of dollars in damage were caused by BLM/ANTIFA, and few people were arrested and even fewer were charged..

@BillyBaldwin 1) unarmed woman shot, 2) unarmed woman with medical crisis died and still repeatedly beaten by an officer 3) officer next day of unrelated natural causes 4) a couple of officers, weeks later, of suicide. Now do retired officer Vandorn,and 22 others, in 2020, by BLM/antifa.

@Viv_Hype If Antifa, BLM and Anti Trumpers show up to protest, the Trump protestors should be allowed the same rights, without crazed elected officials encouraging violence to either group..

@atensnut Die hard MAGA will show up, BLM and Antifa will make them look bad again. If your stupid enough to fall for it again one really has to question the intelligence level here..

@RepSwalwell So Trump is being honest and you secretly paid ANTIFA and BLM to run riot. Perhaps you can learn from Trump..

@Eli_Z12 @ChuckCallesto And? Ever heard of SEIU, BLM, Antifa? Have you condemned the left for their bought and paid for thugs??.

@dbongino So how can we handle the bad actors? Because you know the traitors to our constitution, BLM, ANTIFA, and even the FBI. Will be infiltrating, again posing as patriots, performing criminal acts, that the fake media will blame on us!???.

@LMelvin2154 @robreiner No one called for violence dumb ass. The only violence that takes place is from the left and their BLM / Antifa foot soldiers. Wake up..

@KariLakeWarRoom The black guy is John Sullivan an activist BLM AND ANTIFA. Got arrested and let jail time. Jordan and company and FOX never mention him. Proves one and Democrats are on the same page. Fuck them both.

BLM and Antifa Photo,BLM and Antifa Photo by Mike,Mike on twitter tweets BLM and Antifa Photo

@RepMTG Deja vu. Marge 3 Toes will blame violence on the FBI, Antifa, BLM, Drag Queens and the Tooth Fairy, even after the perpetrators plead guilty and say they did it for Trump.🙄.

@snowboarderlife @ChuckCallesto BLM and Antifa often get blamed for white supremacist violence.

@darkprincefrost @BillyBaldwin I love how the liberal assholes who celebrated actual violence with BLM and Antifa burning down our cities, killing innocent citizens and destroying property for 2 years are calling a actual peaceful protest violence. You all are a disgusting joke..

@EdKrassen But Antifa and BLM are okay? Your double standard is showing. It has been for a while now and it’s wearing thin. Real thin..

@JamesBradleyCA But BLM/Antifa already have their MAGA outfits ready to go and stir up trouble to paint a narrative just like Jan 6, who will fall for it?.

@dom_lucre @kylenabecker Antifa and BLM wearing trump garb. FALSE FLAG!!! Rule of thumb: Mask on face=Deep state!!!!!! You are fooling no one!!!.

@BillyBaldwin You are not ok. A logical person sees the two are 1) not related 2) Ashley was unarmed and according to police as witness, was shot w/o warning 3) you were ok with the 23 citizens who died and thousands of police injured during Antifa/BLM destructive riots in 2020.

@AdamKinzinger I am sure the Antifa crew and BLM will be there in full force, wearing the MAGA gear. I can already hear someone saying Yer in MAGA country or something equally as ignorant. The left has become trite and predictable, just like their social media.

Tell that to the FBI, antifa and BLM that dressed up like maga and got everyone arrested..

It will be very important to have video of Antifa and BLM destroying buildings and causing violence disguised as Trump supporters. LOOK for the purple hair and new ball caps! Freaks!!.

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