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VIDEO: Bobby Fish makes Impact Wrestling debut and seemingly references CM Punk.

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I gotta say, the fact that Bobby Fish isn’t better recognized for his efforts in wrestling bc y’all can’t stop making dumb jokes about him being 200 years old is frankly disrespectful to the man who trained someone as revered as Lou Thesz..

i’m late to this but i’ve been telling y’all bobby fish is a nasty nasty man and now here we are !.

Bobby Fish debuts at Impact Victory Road.

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Abraham Lincoln invented the Chokeslam. Who helped him, and TOOK the first chokeslam?? Bobby Fish..

Bobby Fish is fcking pathetic. He’s worthless to WWE & has the charisma of a brick..

When NXT White and Gold opens with the New Undisputed Era of Bobby Fish, Lars Sullivan, and Von Wagner.

Bobby Fish knows all about going to war for someone, considering he was on the front lines of the Revolutionary War.

Bobby Fish telling Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Swerve he’s going back to WWE.

@PerhapsAlto My friend works at a place in WA where Bobby Kennedy liked to fish.

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Bobby Fish meatROAD to the wrong Victory 😭😭😭😭😭💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Full Impact #VictoryRoad results: Barbed Wire Massacre, X-Division title match, Bobby Fish debuts.

Bobby Fish Photo,Bobby Fish Photo by Wrestling Observer,Wrestling Observer on twitter tweets Bobby Fish Photo

Bobby Fish said he will go to war for HHH like he did for General Ulysses S. Grant in 1861.

@PepsWrestling what? this man Bobby Fish truly is an 80s villain in every way LOL..

So lemme guess this straight Bobby “Vaudevillian Knockoff” Fish got turned down by Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly to come back to WWE? WOW. 😂 Because he knows if he were to go back by himself than he would be Lower to Midcard at best..

Bobby Fish is now officially known as Bobby The Bitch MAN. WHAT A HATER..

As a Bobby fish fan this is sad and embarrassing to read. But glad it got.

Bobby Fish reportedly tried to convince Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly to quit AEW and return to WWE – Wrestling News.

hope khabar angin tentang Bobby Fish tu sekadar khabar angin sebab kalau realiti memang komedi tbh..

Bobby Fish Tried To Get Adam Cole And Kyle O’Reilly To Leave AEW For WWE (Report).

@AEW_Argentina Obvio le van a decir que no, nadie en su sano juicio dejaría Aew para ir a wwe, Bobby fish o es gillipollas o le falta un tornillo para querer volver a wwe..

Wow what a bitch move by Bobby fish and probably @TripleH @TonyKhan don’t put up with his bitter tampering.

Bobby Fish is not a man to be trusted. He was once in charge of JFK’s security detail. Once..

@swaggy_perro60 @lariatoooooo Bobby Fish was the one that tried to talk both of them into leaving..

Bobby Fish went to Impact, which is the second time he did so. The first time was when he went to see where the asteroid landed that killed all of his dinosaur friends..

Bobby fish getting demoted in the world of wrestling where people will forget about him in a month feels just right.

Breaking News - Bobby Fish Makes #ImpactWrestling Debut At #VictoryRoad.


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Bobby Fish: Mi gran amigo los necesita Josh Alexander, Bey, Austin, Moose, etc.

Bobby Fish Appears At Tonight’s Impact Victory Road Special.

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