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Updated: December 1st, 2021 09:37 AM IST

Bigotry is never funny, bigotry is never a joke, and bigotry must always be condemned.

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.@GOPLeader-Your silence on Boebert’s anti-Muslim and anti-American hate is deafening. You’ll never be Speaker.

Rep. Omar’s statement on her conversation with Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Boebert Photo,Boebert Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Bigotry is never funny, bigotry is never a joke, and bigotry must always be condemned.

@AdamKinzinger @GOPLeader Serious question, would Steve King from Iowa face any consequences from McCarthy if he espoused his white nationalist views today or would McCarthy do nothing to hold him accountable as he does nothing to hold Greene, Boebert, Gosar, Gaetz, Cawthorn, and others accountable

@FrankFigliuzzi1 Boebert’s first run-in with police was in the fall of 2010, after a neighbor, Michele Soet, alleged that Boebert, then 23, was harassing Soet and Soet’s husband ... because Boebert’s pit bulls were loose and threatening the life of her dogs.

Boebert Photo,Boebert Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@richardhetu Venant de Boebert? Permettez-moi d’en rire. Ça c’est du damage control afin de ne pas être censurée.

Bannon Defense Team Makes Odd Request To Make All Case Documents Public via @politicususa Get Manafort, Cruz, Hawley, MTG, Boebert, and the rest off these people in for questioning. Justice is dead in this country. Garland running the DOJ as a judge

@IlhanMN I’m so sorry u have been subjected from such racist, vile behavior from Boebert, who seems 2 b a domestic terrorist, has a criminal record, is a high school drop out + is completely unfit 2 serve this nation. I thank u 4 all the great work u have done 4 our nation.

@NolteNC I’m not much for PC but are you suggesting that Boebert’s words are appropriate?

@RepValDemings Hey Val, do me a favor and stand up to Boebert. What she said is disgusting. And no one is saying anything about it.

@AGHamilton29 Boebert/MTG/Omar/Talib/Gaetz/ to name a few. These are not serious people and proof positive elections are to a large extent performance art.

Ilhan Omar Blasts Lauren Boebert, Says She is Lying About Racist Elevator Story


@thedailybeast Let’s review Boebert’s actions during the Jan. 6 insurrection… don’t think she should be joking about terrorism 🤔

Lauren Boebert’s ‘Ridiculous’ Thanksgiving Boasts Go Down Like Expired Turkey #SmartNews

@SpeakerPelosi @GOPLeader An investigation into the staffer on the elevator would be helpful. Then expel Boebert.

Alex Jones hates Roger Stone, who hates Steve Bannon, who hates Lauren Boebert, who hates Madison Cawthorn, who hates Kevin McCarthy, who hates Marjorie Taylor Greene, who hates This is the Far Right Death Rattle.

Hey Lauren Boebert, I’m here to let you know we will not stand for this. Ilhan Omar is more of a woman than you’ll ever be. Also, those of us that are her constituents go hard for her so you might want to watch what the fuck you say 🖕🏼#CantFixUgly

@RashidaTlaib @IlhanMN Boebert’s comments are unacceptable and she should apologize as should Ilhan for calling everybody that disagrees with her a white supremacist. Talib only cares if there are death threats to her buddies everyone else can F. Off

IIhan Omar, Lauren Boebert, @younakahara197.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Actual footage of Republicans trying to clean up after Trump

Omar slams Boebert’s ‘made up’ anti-Muslim story: ‘This buffoon looks down when she sees me at the Capitol’

OK, boebert, Now do Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar….aka Ali Alexander , Stop the Steal Conspiracy Theorist and far right chaos instigator, seditionist, insurrectionist traitor & Backpack Jihadist hell bent on destroying our Democratic Republic,

@patriottakes I was in a bowling alley with Lauren Boebert’s husband but fortunately I wasn’t an underage girl🙄

Lauren Boebert’s ‘Ridiculous’ Thanksgiving Boasts Go Down Like Expired Turkey

If you’re white and Boebert, Cawthorne, Trump, and Tucker Carlson all love you, decent odds you have white supremacist leanings.

Lauren Boebert’s ‘Ridiculous’ Thanksgiving Boasts Go Down Like Expired Turkey via @Yahoo

@viewsfordays @RonFilipkowski Cawthorn, Boebert, Greene, Gosar, Gaetz, and the rest are like an SNL skit come to life. If/when the GOP retakes the House, I would not be surprised at all if these particular clowns just keep up their reality-show-style antics and forget to actually try legislating.

@LegendaryEnergy This all started with you disagreeing with Boebert’s free speech and sticking up for Ilhan Omar. Bad take.

@patriottakes Capitol police officer probably meant to protect Ilhan Omar from the brain dead Boebert

@patriottakes Wow I am pretty sure the DC officer was there to protect Ilan Omar from the racist disgusting Boebert!

@IlhanMN Members of our legislative branch should be held to a standard of conduct. Boebert’s conduct is unacceptable. She is paid by our tax dollars to work with the other side to benefit our country. She is not paid to attack & threaten the other party every chance she gets.

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