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Bogut blocked that shot like it was credible information regarding the inaccuracy of pizzagate..

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@Jespartano96 También te digo que con él eran muy vulnerables atrás. Looney o Bell aportan eso y dan más espacio en ataque, además de tener al todopoderoso Bogut. Si pierden es en ataque, mucho talento lesionado..

@guilleortiz_77 @LAClippers han cambiado un poco el estilo de juego para meter cierta estabilidad interior con Cousins, de ahí también la llegada de Bogut, y no acaban de acoplarse ni ser tan corales con el juego de small-ball … ahora cuidado porque Clippers están muy bien.

- pat bev is arson loving klay - sweet lou is middle child steph - montrezl is actually more of a good timeline draymond. he’s way cooler and seems much nicer - gallo is bogut send tweet - SGA and Landry are there too. who cares this made more sense before I tried writing it.

@RoryOToole4 Everybody except for Curry, Looney, 1/2 of Draymond and 1/2 of Bogut was 🤦‍♂️.

@BenGolliver coming from the cuck andrew bogut who gets traded then comes crawling back. What a joke of a team. Corniest in nba history..

I guess we found our Tony Allen to stash Bogut on for the rest of the series.

@AndrewGreif Inject this in my veins. I’m an Aussie and I absutely hate Bogut. Clipper nation baby all the way.

Andrew Bogut on the Warriors’ mood after Game 2: “The mood’s shit. And that’s actually a positive sign in my opinion.”.

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lol @ people thinking cousins season injury means no finals for the They still have 5 more all stars ....counting Iggy off the play better without cousins and they have bogut/Looney who fits their screen style of.

Andrew Bogut probably happy about playing 25 minutes a night under Kerr for the rest of the playoffs..

Warriors wasted 14/9 from Draymond, nice game from Iggy, 19 points from Looney, 9 rebound performance from Bogut, and 11 points from Quinn Cook.

No Boogie represents a massive problem for the Warriors in round 2. I’m not sure they can really beat Houston without him. Bogut is going to murdered in the P&R..


Andrew Bogut storming into the locker room to fire up his gab account and vent about how it’s a conspiracy to deplatform him.

Steve Kerr: sits Curry entire 3rd while he’s on fire breaking his rhythm, no words for KD being passive and falling for PBev’s antics, no defensive answer for Lou Will, didn’t play Bogut the entire 4th quarter. Clippers get largest playoff comeback in NBA history..

@Chan_Beeeee And with Boogie presumably out, we’re gonna see a relatively rusty Bogut forced to play more minutes. This is actually a series to watch.

Andrew Bogut fuming in front of his locker, mumbling under his breath about the deep state not wanting him to succeed,.

That Bogut pickup was so legit for ’s the best moving screener in the business.

Bogut blocked that shot like it was credible information regarding the inaccuracy of pizzagate..

@TravTalksSports @wojespn Lowkey if they dnt have demarcus they may b fucked. Theyl b fine against the clippers but anybody they face after that is gonna dominate them in the paint. Bogut wnt be enough.

@GSWFastBreak They need another Big for sure but Bogut, Looney and Draymond if injury free are actually better for us overall then if Boogie was playing 24 minutes.

@KharmaPharma @timkawakami Yup. The NBL actually likes the idea of Bogut joining the warriors after his season in Australia is done. It gives them more exposure.

Man. They all lookin good. Looney. Curry. Cook. Draymond. Iguodala. Bogut. Klay. Just amazing. Keep it rollin Dubs. #LetsGoWarriors.

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@lithgowflashman Was always a great signing. Cousins a hot head and Green has lost a step. Bogut would be invaluable, even if limited mins, just for a level headed, experienced chop out..

Steph + Klay currently tied for the team lead in pts, Bogut leads in rebs, Draymond in what year is this again?.

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