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🚨BIG BO BRACKET🚨 A bracket that is truly going to leave houses divided! Which one do you think is going to be the toughest matchup?.

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He ain’t lying. Bojangles nasty or at least the one in Blytheville is.

The fake outrage like Bojangles ain’t fell off over the years is wild. Still a staple in the culture but definitely been mid for a while.

Folks, please be aware of cheap JZ Graham knockoffs. Notice, the outfit isnt loud enough. Glasses are not tinted stunnas or white shades. Not the center of attention. And obviously no Bojangles Championship..

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As someone who used to be addicted to Bojangles growing up … he did NOT lie. Idk what TF Bojangles has going on now but I dislike it A LOT !.

I have just learned that there is a hard sweet tea at Bojangles, and I am going to need a plane ticket right now..

@Steveo_suave @GetEmEasy I can tell u went to a Bojangles in South Charlotte somewhere cause you sitting in eating 😂 u supposed to go to a drive thru Bojangles in the hood for good quality! 👌🏾.

get behind me Keith. cause he absolutely right bojangles trash.

@jay_kayes @KhugaNFT Your bags are looking nice and packed for battle 🔥🫶💎.

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@docta_lo @ohnoness He got the boberry biscuit right on! 🤤 only thing good from Bojangles 🤷🏾‍♀️.

He spilled because bojangles is very mid and the only thing worth a damn is the boberry biscuit.


On god Bojangles only good for them Boberry biscuits 🤣🤣 he keepin it a buck.

Bojangles is bonafide trash. I was so excited to try it for nothing 😂.

Bojangles has fallen off and you have to go to the right one. Don’t be upset with him lol.

Imma die on this Bojangles hill lol of yeen from the Carolina’s or Georgia you just won’t understand…at it’s peak its 🔥.

Niggas be dissing bojangles so much he probably had that shit in Virginia or something lol it’s so much better in the Carolinas.

Bojangles was founded by white ppl & still owned by white that shit is not our culture just because they sell fried chicken 😒 lol.

Everyone should know the best thing at Bojangles is the BoBerry biscuit lol. Everything else super salty. I fck wit the breakfast tho 😂. This wasn’t a disrespectful take at all.

only thing I like at Bojangles is the cajun filet (and I eat it with the top half of the biscuit) and bo’ rounds..

Naw he was generous as fuck with them scores, Bojangles is a -5.

Am I old or y’all remember when bojangles had gravy because mfs be tryna play me like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I tried Bojangles while in Tennessee once. Was not impressed..

Them blueberry shits is the best shit bojangles got tbh😂😂.

He tried that Bo Berry Biscuit and was like…… yeah this the one right here. 🤣 To be fair, I only eat the breakfast from Bojangles lol..

@GetEmEasy Where is bruh from? That’s will probably explain a lot. Cause he called It a blueberry biscuit and picked bojangles ranch over the honey mustard. 🤦🏽‍♂️.

This why I don’t listen to “Tiktok” food critics anyway…ain’t no way you said bojangles is a damn 2/10 and you got your name on nasty ass chipotle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Bojangles fell off at least a decade ago. But the Bojangles I grew up eating???? SLAPPED!!!.

Nigga said blueberry biscuit ! He went to the wrong Bojangles fasho.

He got up out that seat so fast to run to the bathroom, prolly. Bojangles is so nasty..

@Pastor_KevyKev I only go to Bojangles for breakfast, and that’s honestly only one level above basic af. They used to be the shit but havent been good for at least 5+ years, it’s only once in a blue moon where I’m like “oh this shit is actually good” They gotta be mad cause they know he’s right..

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