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We may have a thousand worries in the world, but our mother’s main worry will still remain whether we’ve had food on time. Such is a mother’s love! Here’s my Aai with our adopted cat. They share a special bond - he has his meals only when Aai is having hers 😊 #MothersDay.

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JUST IN: Young Thug’s lawyer says he is being held in ‘dungeon-like’ conditions, and hopes to get him released on bond immediately‼️.

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Jerry Jeudy was released on bond today, with full contact allowed between him and the alleged victim, per his attorney Harvey Steinberg, who added the judge stated “there was not probable cause to believe that there was the threat or use of any physical force against the victim.”.

This will always be my fav moment🤧The way their friendship started blooming when she went sick is so special🥺and after this incident there was no looking back in their bond progression💖 God protect these goofballs and their precious bond forever🧿🧿♾️♾️ #SaiShi.

Simbuda teju Akasa karan Dono ke bond se koi possessive nhi huaaa 😌😌 #TejRan.

unaliving myself in front of them to forever change their bond and the trajectory of their lives.

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バディミ BOND諸君のパートボイスを、私に回収できた範囲でまとめました。リプ欄続きます。.

so that their children will also have a special place to bond just like what he have with eloise. And then Benedict will go to Sophie telling her a good news that his painting will be displayed in the National Gallery..

Every Kumu live, Anji do the KUMUstahan with Sunshines. We talk and ask about her ganaps. We talk about ML, about WATTPAD especially CHARACTERS sa WATTPAD. We do barda with each other. She reads TAU Freedom Wall. And it’s our bond rather she didn’t talk about any name tho..

one thing abt me? i’m a horoscope girl. what’s ur sign? ur big 3? i’m a pisces, and if u are also one i feel a deep bond with u. do i believe it? only when it’s convenient 2 me. idc 🐟.

@nickmangwana If government cares why pay 175 and 20000 bond. Do you that 20 000 bond is now equivalent to 50 dollars. Which means you are paying 225 usd and you say you care. Are you really.

@patantdoh @Fergggg All credit to sleeping with a widow, classic Bond. As I read somewhere, Bond must be great fun on a stag but a disaster at a wedding. He would probably end up sleeping with the brides mother during the vows..

If you have a fear of childbirth, you are not alone and can benefit greatly from this hypnosis track! You will be able to bond with your baby more easily, release fears or past experiences, and fully enjoy your pregnancy! #fearofchildbirth #tokophobia.

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@andrea_drea05 Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Falkenberg, se hizo famosa al ser chica Bond en Vive y deja morir (por cierto estupenda BSO de Paul McCartney) después su gran éxito fue Doctor Queen en TV, siempre ha alternado ambos medios. Guapísima..

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@joen_bond Mummy sends me money weekly please😉... And more so I dont need a boyfriend right now😊.

続きはyoutubeの方でどうぞ。クリア後視聴推奨 バディミッションBOND パートボイス集 @YouTubeより.

Discounting Literally Means to Apply a Discount. Bonds are Priced by Applying a Discount on Expected Cash Flows (Interest and Principal Repayments). Do You know How to Price a Bond to Yield a Given Rate of Return?.

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Most beautiful frame of a boy who is so happy to take his sis on a ride❤ Cute Siblings Bond ❤ @kkundrra with Madhu Di. 🧿 We want to see a Kundra Siblings Reunion SOON ❤🤞 #KaranKundrra #DDJWithKaran RAB RAKHA KARAN.

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i was not close with “lucy” but did bond with them over my tweets about being aroace where they seemed they were the only one who understood what that felt like to not want a relationship and be ‘terminally single’ as i joked. THIS puts that in a whole new perspective though.

@dharmascholar My library got approved for a bond that will renovate and expand the building!.

@KaluluKunda i will never abandon the special bond i made with the kids i will just say DNA made a mistake.


@ccrregg It wasn’t until I started working at 17 that I truly realised how many adults actually bond with each other and form friendships in the workplace through moaning or laughing at the people around them. Truly grim behaviour..

@MetTiinA Love that! I think that their bond seemed really strong. Have you done/thought about doing AOTC?.

@MartCAFC45 @silkse7uk If hit it off with someone though mate and get a bond then why not have a holiday together, and you think him being under contract means a think mate, we ain’t got many player assets to sell now but if ts can make a few quid he will no doubt.

@rookie_rue my kids will grow up with a parasocial bond to them bc i forced them to watch them throughout their entire childhood.

@ChristinaKVUE I’m like that. I can never imagine not having the kids around. But think of this day as a break from everything. A reflection day to just miss them and let the bond get stronger. Happy Mother’s Day..

@pataka101 @ItsKaranology They are blaming so much for #PrinceNarula today for breaking their munjali Or wt. Karma Nothing can break if bond is strong enough..

@SHABAZGIL @SHABAZGIL putr tu khan ka ha smaja ayi sth ma tu us ki begum ka 4 band ha saly tu humery behan py ugli uth ga hum Teri maa behan aik kr da ga saly kuta insan imran khan ka tu shero ha saly imran khan ki bond saf krta ha tu saly kunjar insan apni zuban daka 🌶🌶.

Investment-Grade Bond Dealers See Sales Swell After Rout via @Yahoo.

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