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My friend @OliviaWilde is here today, and brought me an exclusive first-look at the “Booksmart” trailer, and it looks hilarious. #ThanksSponsor #BooksmartMovie.

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after dragging my best friend from back home to see #BooksmartMovie “Bitch, good job! That’s easily one of the best movies I’ve seen. I’m Amy, right?”.

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Everyone must see #BooksmartMovie So funny, heartfelt, and with fantastic characters all around. Olivia Wilde did a great job directing..

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday Just saw #BooksmartMovie and it’s fucking hilarious and the sweetest. Go see it y’all..

#BooksmartMovie was absolutely incredible. Such a hilarious and fun movie, has such likable characters and the story overall was soo good. The entire theatre including myself were busting up throughout, I even had the feels trying to escape my eyes. GO SEE IT NEXT WEEK! 🙌🏻💙.

hey everyone, do yourselves a favor and go see #BookSmartMovie bc it was everything a movie should be.

#BooksmartMovie paid such homage to the try-hard student gov nerd girl I was in beanie feldstein is me EVERY day of senior year.

Just got out of an advanced screening of #BooksmartMovie and holy shit so amazing and hilarious!! 🤣🤣.

Just got out of an early screening of #BooksmartMovie It was amazing and everything you would want from a coming of age story. It officially comes out next weekend so definitely go see it if you can!.

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Some guy in the theatre I was in laughed so much he snorted 😂 It really is THAT good! #BooksmartMovie.

Fam #BooksmartMovie IS LITERALLY EVERYTHING omfg ive genuienly never felt more represented on screen.

For anyone that saw #BooksmartMovie early tonight, here’s my thoughts on the film when I saw it two weeks ago..

Thank you @oliviawilde for directing such a funny, heartfelt, and all around kickass movie. #BooksmartMovie CRUSHED it and @sbbaicker and I had so much fun in the theater. Go see it!!.

Read the review for #BooksmartMovie a week early at !.

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This movie is GENIUS. Go see it as soon as you possibly can. #BooksmartMovie.

Caught an early screening of #BooksmartMovie tonight and it’s perfect. Outstanding directorial debut by Olivia Wilde. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at the movies. The best comedy in years. Wide release May 24. DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE. Best Picture 2019..

about to see #BooksmartMovie right now and I’m so excited for it!! 🤘🏼 @Booksmart.

#BooksmartMovie was SO INCREDIBLE everyone go see it (rad representation, bomb soundtrack, hilarity ensues, heartfelt friendship story ensues).

Tried to take a cool photo before #BooksmartMovie w/ the low lighting, but at least my popcorn looks fresh! I’ll probably follow up after! 🙃.

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Saw this movie tonight and it was SO good. Definitely recommend 👏🏼 #BooksmartMovie.

Really enjoyed #BooksmartMovie cinematography + soundtrack 10/10 ♥️ u @oliviawilde.

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@oliviawilde we’re texting everyone we know. We want to shout it from rooftop! Go see #BooksmartMovie now!.

Loved #BooksmartMovie Tried to compare it to other party movies & buddy movies So much fun, so close to real life No comparison!.

I needed a laugh, and #BookSmartMovie came through. 👍🏻👍🏻.

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My friend @OliviaWilde is here today, and brought me an exclusive first-look at the “Booksmart” trailer, and it looks hilarious. #ThanksSponsor #BooksmartMovie.

Good morning, winner. Visualize yourself watching the FIRST UNCUT 6 MINUTES of #BooksmartMovie before anyone else. Watch it now and get tickets to see the film in theaters TONIGHT at special early screenings..

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