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Since the boxing match I’ve been curious what it’s like to fight somebody I’m 5’” 105 pounds who wants to beat me up.

always thinking about how happy jungkook was that he was getting a boxing partner in jimin.

So many just thought canelo was going to break bivol down bust him up with body shots and stop him I don’t know what it was based on prob experts who never actually seen bivol,most making that decision obviously think they know boxing better than they actually do.

getting enough e-clout to fuel a charity boxing match is the new success bar.

@BigBern710 @drerivera23_ Bro that’s how ik you just read comments and don’t know nothing about boxing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 do you know how many boxers could’ve did that? That shit ain’t special dude which is why you only see it commented by his fans He ain’t beat the World Champs Floyd has..

Nobody’s angry you just sound dumb as hell a lot of you people on boxing twitter some real haters and I’m not even the biggest canelo fan i just go by facts.


the bruises on lee know’s hand from his boxing make him so attractive help me.

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@higgzy9 Been telling everyone all week that Bivol will win pal, he’s class! The only people who said canelo are the ones who don’t watch boxing and don’t know Bivol 👌.

Віталій Кличко – про спроби РФ захопити Київ: «Якщо в когось бажання буде… через @tribunaua.

@Tom_Gray_Boxing Almost Every fighter that has taken a loss have made excuses. Wilder, whyte, Canelo, teofimo, loma, etc..

I also talked to my pal @Umar_iFL from @IFLTV about #CaneloBivol after the presser. Check it out here where I quote sage advice from Rocky II: #boxing.

Watch the creator content boxing fights and watching Idubbz get his shit rocked is funny as hell..

@nailedbysi I feel like she shouldve had a boxing ring and gloves for them so everybody could’ve got they ones 😂😂.

Big shouts to Bivol, a new superstar in boxing is born. Really put on a masterclass and dismantled Canelo. This fight is proof that weight classes do matter if anything, props to Canelo for trying at light heavyweight, but he should stick to middleweight and super middle weight..

Questions for the real boxing fans, since Canelo lost tonight is Terence Crawford now the pound for pound king …..

@Faraday002 @Raderecht02 Canelo fought hard I feel. Stemming the rising tide in boxing is incredibly hard..

Dmitry Bivol upsets Canelo Alvarez, retains WBA light heavyweight title via @BloodyElbow.

@AlBernstein What do I know about boxing .. 😅 but to be fair this fight has made a lot of experts look silly so I’ll gladly take the L on this one. Absolute legend @bivol_d.

@ufc @CharlesDoBronxs Every fighter I wanted to win in boxing and UFC tonight lost lol.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol full fight video highlights via @MMAFighting.

@BrandonDZavala Earned? It’s boxing…..speaking of earned cherry picking isn’t earned…it’s called ducking aka “earned” they haven’t “earned” it because it’s a bad matchup for canelo.

@poppa_tits17 I keep up with boxing and it has nothing to do with him being Mexican LMAAAOO FIRST FIGHTER TO ACTUALLY GO UP WEIGHT CLASSES AND WIN this is this first fight he has lost at 175 but I guess you don’t pay attention.

@UptownDC_Rich How you gonna talk shit and not know about boxing gtfo of here with that bs.

when men talk over you when it comes to boxing because your opinion doesnt matter <<<< 😹.

This the best year of boxing in a long time Charlo vs castano next week, then tank vs rolly followed by Haney Vs. Kambosos.

Sáenz participó del River Boxing en Campo Quijano #Turismo #Salta Más Info ⬇️.

@tsias Hahahaha! I just heard! Should have been like 117-111 for Bivol Did not see the fight. But all three were one round away from a draw. That would have been criminal. Now maybe the Canelo fan boys will die down! #boxing.

@sirkevinwilson I haven’t seen great jabs and counter punching like these in my young boxing life, we really need a round 2..

@Alpha_Intell I had it 9-3 bivol 8-4 being generous if canelo looked half way decent the 12th they would’ve called it a draw . Boxing is crazy.

初見◎pt◎ ミュートでfit boxing中 葛音 利終🌙🐺 配信中!! #REALITY.

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