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เกิดกระแสบอยคอตหนัง ‘มู่หลาน’ #BoycottMulan ในโลกออนไลน์ หลังจาก หลิวอี้เฟย นักแสดงนำหญิงแชร์โพสต์ข้อความสนับสนุนตำรวจฮ่องกง.

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Representation for children is so important. They should be able to look up to someone who has good morals and fights for what’s right, not someone who supports and enables acts of violence. #BoycottMulan.

@BBCWorld Forget #BoycottMulan how about #BoycottChina ? To Chinese people living in an oppressive, totalitarian dictatorship is normal and acceptable but what is abhorrent and evil is denying Hong Kongers their human right to democracy, freedom and self determination.

A person living in a world with freedon but ask for others to give up freedom, how selfish it is? #BoycottMulan.

HK police were beaten, fire bombed,and lasered by those HK demonstrator, and the police were even stopped in the way of rescuing innocent people who were tortured by HK demonstrator for 4 hrs in the airport! Check this out #BoycottMulan.

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@bbcchinese @yifei_cc #BoycottMulan #BoycottChina Liu is an American but she doesn’t respect the core values of the country, for example, liberalism and human right. She supports the violent Hong Kong police who beat the protesters and normal citizens. They even shot the press and first aider..

#BoycottMulan idk why Disney would use this actress to play mulan.

CIA outfit RFA cartoonist Rebel Pepper @remonwangxt stole works of artist @alicexz (right) painted China flag 🇨🇳, Communist symbol to discredit Mulan Star Liu Xifei who reposted on Weibo words of the Chinese reporter illegally detained and beaten by HK protesters #BoycottMulan.

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So many funny speech about #BoycottMulan . People do not even knew what really happens are shouting shame for Disney. That’s your education under your freedom and democracy? Not teaching you how to think with your own mind?? If brain is useless for you you’d better donate it..

#BoycottMulan Many people who are supporting the Hong Kong police, named all the protesters as “cockroaches”. Is that mean the opening of another holocaust?.

@writinghighly #BoycottMulan has billion person supporting mulan.

得了吧,香港那些暴徒示威打伤烧伤咬伤警察的时候你们怎么不说话?还合理表达诉求?表达诉求能把自己国家的国旗丢到海里去?木兰是中国故事,木兰从军,打的就他妈是那些企图分裂我们国家领土的人。至于票房?呵,你们港独废青那一星半点我们还真看不上,别太把自己当回事~ #BoycottMulan.

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美籍演員劉亦菲發文表示「我支持香港警察,你們可以打我了」 而他的舉動,也影響迪士尼新片《花木蘭》票房 全球網友在推特上發起「#boycottmulan」(抵制花木蘭)活動,批評劉亦菲在美國享受自由,卻支持中國政府的極權專制 美国应该制裁这些艺人 翻墙梯子@Mrdoorvpn.

Anyone who supports Hong Kong Police’s brutality is not entitled to be called as a human. Liu Yifei, starring Mulan, supports the Hong Kong Police, is an insult to the classical Chinese character Mulan and Hong Kongers. Shame on Liu Yifei! #BoycottMulan #BoycottLiuYiFei.

Seriously,if you seen how Chinese Communist react to the #BoycottMulan hashtag and the news about #HongKongProtests ,you would understand more about the situation of Hong Kong..

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@CornOnTheGoblin @KicksephJoebush He learned from the best Kriminal #BoycottMulan.

Some Asian public figures love the freedom and money from the west, while still licking the good old Chinese oppressive regime. Disgusting!#BoycottLiuYifei #BoycottMulan.

เกิดกระแสบอยคอตหนัง ‘มู่หลาน’ #BoycottMulan ในโลกออนไลน์ หลังจาก หลิวอี้เฟย นักแสดงนำหญิงแชร์โพสต์ข้อความสนับสนุนตำรวจฮ่องกง.

Wow, @DisneyStudios what a good choice on Mulan. #BoycottMulan.

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#BoycottMulan will just give the movie more publicity more people will watch the movie now. Good job everyone, you think Disney gives a fuck? Streisand effect..

Before anyone bashes @yifei_cc , consider that China (like many countries) is known for retaliating against celebrities who appear to undermine their authority. But the HK police are abusing their power and #BoycottMulan is a small way to show that the world does not approve..

#BoycottMulan stop letting racist companies remake good movies Thank you.

#boycottmulan is now trending in United States.

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@sdnorton @Disney Shame on Liu Yifei, please abandon your US citizenship #BoycottMulan.

#BoycottMulan #MulanIsCancelldt Jackie Chan, Mulan Star Liu Yifei Speak Out on ‘Sad and Depressing’ Hong Kong Protests via @people.

A woman who supports popo killing their own people? No, thanks. #BoycottMulan.

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