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“A lot of people were dragged into that unfairly.” Celtics President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens had some strong feelings about the female staffers being dragged into the social media conversation..

New: “It’s a time of concern and reflection and action.” Full story from Friday’s press conference, where Wyc Grousbeck and Brad Stevens discussed Ime Udoka’s suspension and where things go from here..

Did they really ask Brad Stevens if he would willingly take a demotion to coach the team? Lol.

Todo lo de Udoka, la rueda de prensa de Brad Stevens y Wyc Grousbeck, un poquito de Joe Mazzulla. Lo comentamos todo esta tarde en #Twitch..

po o maluco meteu um rezando por todos os envolvidos Brad Stevens segurando lágrimas na coletiva de imprensa a gente não sabe nem a ponta do iceberg cara, o bagulho deve ter sido MUITO feio.

I think Brad Stevens did a tremendous job today. I have always liked him and trust his instincts here.


Why Brad Stevens chose to not serve as Celtics’ interim head coach #BleedGreen.

Brad Stevens Photo,Brad Stevens Photo by WEEI,WEEI on twitter tweets Brad Stevens Photo

I thought Brad Stevens did a great job during the press conference and I trust how the organization handled the case. I don’t need the private details of what happened. I am sure it was really bad..

Emotional Brad Stevens Tasked With Leading Celtics Through Dark Clouds.

@bh_antt Bro this shit ain’t making no sense. You woulda thought he sexually assaulted somebody but everywhere I look they saying consensual. Brad Stevens damn near cried in the press conference. Why suspend him? Just fire him if it’s that serious. They tryna fuck his life up.

Why wasn’t the female employee reprimanded? Why only Ime Brad Stevens said the policy was for employees of the Celtics which she why was Ime the only party that faced disciplinary action?!? 🤔.

Brad Stevens was more upset at Twitter than anything but if they said more they could better protect the women in his organization… but wat do I know I just play video games 🙃.

Ik Brad Stevens ain’t sit up there and Cry about another man sleepin with a female that’s not his.

Did not have Brad Stevens crying at a press conference on my bingo card for the season.

Love Brad Stevens standing up for the women within their organization! Sad that this world will do anything for headlines..

@FriasIgor Pela entrevista que o Brad Stevens deu e como ele aparentou estar emocionalmente o cara fez merda e das grandes, não vejo mais clima pra ele voltar..

New post: Did Brad Stevens consider coaching Celtics after Ime Udoka suspension? Here’s his answer.

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Nearly in tears because of how his female staffers have been treated since this broke… no better person to run #Celtics basketball operations than Brad Stevens. #ImeUdoka.

Post Edited: Brad Stevens: Women were ‘dragged unfairly’ into Ime Udoka situation.

Brad Stevens Photo,Brad Stevens Photo by 4StateNews,4StateNews on twitter tweets Brad Stevens Photo

Brad Stevens like I said showed emotion today and he’s the most emotionless person we’ve seen in Boston always kept his cool never got mad (rarely actually) so for him to be moved to tears it had to have been something.

Idk man but I have a weird feeling about the @’m starting to think Brad Stevens wanted to get back on the floor & be in the limelight after Ime’s instant Any other front office would say this suspension is a bit over the top & extensive. It Def Wasn’t.

How Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck, president Brad Stevens addressed Ime Udoka’s suspension at press conference.


Brad stevens is a clown too. Did Ime Udoka have a relationship or is he a mass shooter?!.

@Jaxxumus @iam_johnw Kathleen nimmo lynch is the former assistant to Brad stevens. She is being protected. She’s also family friends of Danny Ainge..

Post Edited: Brad Stevens on Ime Udoka replacement Joe Mazzulla: ‘I believe strongly in him’.

Brad Stevens Photo,Brad Stevens Photo by 4StateNews,4StateNews on twitter tweets Brad Stevens Photo

New post: Emotional Brad Stevens tasked with leading Celtics through dark clouds.

Brad Stevens Photo,Brad Stevens Photo by 4StateNews,4StateNews on twitter tweets Brad Stevens Photo

All i learned from the Celtics press conference is that Brad Stevens knows atleast 1 bad word. #BullShit #Celtics.

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