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Patience is not easy. It’s not for the fainthearted. That’s why the rewards are so great. It can break you, wreck you, makes you want to scream and give up but you press on because you know what the Almighty loves. He is always with the patient..

Will interest rate hikes lower gas prices? Nope. Lower grocery prices? Nope. Break up monopolies, stop COVID, or roll back Putin’s tanks? Nope. They won’t tackle main drivers of inflation—but they could get a lot of people fired & make families poorer..

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over LIKES??? u have got to be kidding me. misspelling his name and then disguising (straight up LYING) that it was jungkook who told them to change up his name like that, give me a break.

@TheSpiderPimp @krabpad If I ever break up with him he’s never getting another relationship I’m the only mf that can handle him.

Don’t let a little dispute break up a great friendship. 男生+薇:Yorkbe.

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how to break up with smn who claims they still love you but during the r/s you dont show me tho tts why i ended up falling for smn else. when i tried telling my friends, they all quickly told him. dont you see i needed the comforting first?.

@LaTrioli Call your second hand book shops. They’ll take new ones. Or classics in good condition. Some op shops will take books. You’ll probably have to break them up into batches though..

@utlguk @annaneverlands Ppl keep talking abt jere cheating on belly in the book, as if conrad cheating on nicole was any better. When conrad realized he liked belly, there was no scene shown that he even tried to break up w/ nicole. He wanted both of them, lets be honest here.

Does nobody else find it ironic Burna boy sampled “He wasn’t man enough” on a break up song? Lol.

…… SMFH, so it actually WAS a mistake and then they LIED about it being his request before fessing up- give me a damn break 💀 It’s both the lie and them saying “I’m not taking it down” + “it’s your rap name” (💀💀💀) that irritates me more than the misspelling, damn.

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@FaZeRug master rug my gf didn’t break up with me just she’s a lil mad because of my friend but I lm not really trying to talk to him mis name is Evan btw my gf is yeni and you can call me santi my name is Santiago but I’m used to santi here’s my phone +19124934738.

The internet will break when I go to vidcon wearing these with shorts platforms and a zip up black hoodie.

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Madonna hung up remix live performance outdid Beyoncé break my soul.

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@appIepiesucks i just know i’d be in the crowd yelling “HANDS UP HIGH BRAVE GIRLS BREAK YOUR ANKLE”.

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when i break up i delete every single photo of my ex and our photos together. like you can just do that, instead of torturing urself w old photos and allowing them to show back up every year on “memories” or whatever..

@BeffernieBlack I think they’d rather break up the party, TBH. PR is against their religion..

Dang y’all b on #BTSARMY d¡ck hella baddd , take a break fr 😭😭. Y’all be bringing us up when we b minding our business 😒..

@SidKKFangirl 2 runner up se unka business jo chalta hai vo issi dar me rehte hai ke har baar vo winner ka mukable kaise kar leta hai lockup me kaise record break kiya thi tabhi se vo dare pade hai ke 2runner up hokar bhi aisa kaise ho raha hai fatti padi hai troops me jal jal ke marr na jay.

When you try not to break down for 2 hours and end up breaking down in the shower #justgirlythings.


@findingfletcher look i need you to release a break up anthem soon. its not fucking fear when i was in a relationship you only released GREAT break up songs and now that im no longer taken youre gonna release the romantic stuff? i object. gimme something depressing.

having hikari no akuma on my break up playlist says a lot about me as a person i think.

But this is one of the fun things we have on the go, that’s used to break up the pressure of such a big project we’re working on..

@MichaelRosenYes Did I miss something. They are all saying it. We are waiting to hear about it in my school and we break up next week. Do you think they are making things up.


How are ji-yu and her bf even in a relationship… it’s so bizzare to me they don’t talk about important things at all and are always avoiding their feelings they need to break up ASAP #changedays.

@AoftionDMD Don’t go to Nansan towel and don’t let the kid hanging locks. We heard that many couple break up after doing that🤣🤣.


“I just need time out to focus on myself” is a goated break up line for guys. “I don’t like who I’m becoming” is one you can throw in, if you really wanna put the sauce on it..

@Queen_Viv_ you must have looked like you were dying to them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Japanese society is the same. Women only cut hair to signal a break up so ukugunda = dumping him nje ukumphoxa emphakathini.

Shet losing a client feels like a break up 💔 Ang hirap talaga pag may 3rd party 🤪 time to stall and save this relationship!.

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