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Willy ties the Brewers SS HR record ✅ Brewers come back from being down 5 runs ✅ The rookie walks it off ✅ Happy birthday Robin Yount! #ThisIsMyCrew.

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Just bet the house on the brewers tomorrow woodruff will make them look stupid. #yankees.

If the Brewers want to walk off the Yankees a couple more times this weekend, that would be great.

Yankees lose to Brewers on walk-off hit in ninth after taking early five-run lead | @eboland11.

@SammyLev @973TheFanSD az culture so douchy the husband and wife legal team walking stick resort bob brenley this game nothing but an asterisk. madbum sucks. back to normal tomorrow. brewers came back 5 down to the Yankees. padres wld nvr hv bn able to do that. padres not making playoffs..

@PachecoFan do u geniunely think any team is making Jason Alexander good Brewers pitching dev is S tier.

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