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You need to calm the F#$% down. - Brian Ferentz just now on the sideline as Spencer Petras was running off the field after another errant throw..

It’s not like Brian Ferentz could do something else. Either Kirk lets him be his OC or he has to spend a million dollars buying Herbalife from him..

if Iowa completes the program’s largest-ever comeback with its backup QB, it may trigger a clause to immediately elevate Brian Ferentz to head coach.

@BFW If Iowa has to get embarrassed by Nebraska to have Brian Ferentz fired, I’d make that trade..

Hawks come back and win this I’ll smooch Brian Ferentz’s ass and refer to him as Daddy from now on..

This will either be the largest comeback in Iowa history, leading Iowa to back to back Big Ten West Championships & a (slim I know) chance at a Conference Championship Or It, gets Brian Ferentz fired. (At least you’d think🙃).

Watch Mickey Joseph be the breaking point that forces Iowa to finally fire Brian Ferentz..

The only thing worse than a loss to Nebraska today would be signing Brian Ferentz to another 5 year deal and they’re just dumb enough to do it..

Brian Ferentz is actually an embarrassment to the University of Iowa. He needs to go, but he won’t, and it’s a shame..

FIRE BRIAN FERENTZ! He is, without a doubt, the worst coordinator in the power five and should not work at this level of football ever again.

I told our Iowa relatives last night I thought maybe Iowa winning would be good for Nebraska long run if it kept Brian Ferentz in the OC chair but this is better.


@DavidEickholt Brian Ferentz isn’t the OC at a large high school program unless his Dad’s the HC. Numbers don’t lie. He can’t recruit or develop the most important position & never has a backup ready to go. Clock management today was as bad as any in the Ferentz era. Late? Pass. Pass. Putrid..

@justinsummmers @HawkeyeFootball “Offensive mastermind Brian Ferentz” - having a hard time telling whether this is parody or honest assessment..

@ChadLeistikow Fire Brian Ferentz. Not running the ball at all with 3+ minutes left and 2 timeouts only needing a touchdown?.

@TomFornelli Not going to look it up but I’m pretty sure they are actually 0-fer in 2 point plays in the Brian Ferentz era since 2017.

@JackMitchellLNK The IAFB on Brian Ferentz’s hoodie means: I am F’ing Bad at coaching the offense and calling plays.

@Lane__F @ChadLeistikow FIRE BRIAN FERENTZ. WORST OFFENSE IN FOOTBALL. His coacihng is a JOKE..

Y’all is this finally the end of the Brian Ferentz era??? A loss to ISU and Nebraska in the SAME season 🫠 or is that even too hopeful?.

@ByCodyHills You just don’t understand the intricacies of a Brian Ferentz offense 🤨.

@DavidEickholt I’ll ask you again, @DavidEickholt, how do we get rid of Brian Ferentz? He is a cancer.

Why would any high school player want to come play for Brian Ferentz? I wouldn’t trust him with my sons’ development or safety..


@DavidEickholt 50/50 he transfers. Brian Ferentz isn’t going anywhere. The sad reality is they will finish either 130th or 131th depending on how badly they get bludgeoned in the bowl game. An offensive minded kid with his skills may not stick around..

.@HawkeyeFootball fire Brian Ferentz. He is a cancer and the destroying this entire program..


@DavidEickholt We are watching the death of Iowa football under Ferentz. Until he and Brian are gone, the offense will be a national embarrassment.

Brian Ferentz is really dedicated to the awkward family conversations at Thanksgiving bit, huh?.

Brian Ferentz is the worst thing to ever happen to Iowa football. #GoHawks #FireFerentz.

I was fired from Dairy Queen for getting in a spatula fight with a coworker I was still better at that job than Brian Ferentz is at his.

Brian Ferentz needs to call a trick play Have Brody Brecht throw a pass or SOMETHING..

Padilla’s biggest mistake on that play was listening to Brian Ferentz before the play..

Padillia! The guy Iowa fans love! He’s so good!!! He got 10 points at home against a 3 win team! Only Brian Ferentz could pull this off!.

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