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#BrickByBrick Twitter

GGs to LAT, they came out firing and played some really good cod. Nobody said this was going to be easy, we’ll be better tomorrow. Time for a losers run fam 💚 #BrickByBrick.


If we play like that the rest of the day we get to grand finals. No question. Lets fucking go boys. #BrickByBrick #CDLChamps.

All I want is top three tbh. Show me you want it. Don’t lay down. #BrickByBrick #CDLChamps.

@Crimsix We still love you as much as you may not like it 😅 GG’s you did a phenomenal job to drag yourselves back to Champs in the first place 💚 #BrickByBrick.

That convinced me that yesterday was just not our day. We go again. #BrickByBrick #CDLChamps.

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