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You literally cannot ask Jacoby Brissett to give you better passes than what he just gave Bryant and Brown..

Brissett fumbles and the #Bills recover. Milano is on it and Buffalo has possession at their own 48. Really needed that..

What a ridiculously needed turnover there. Brissett drops the snap and Matt Milano falls on it for the fumble recovery #GameDayThread #BillsMafia.

Well they trusted Brissett more than Chubb again on 3rd and 4th downs and got stuffed 2 times and lost yards. They deserve to lose! I’ve seen all I need to see! Y’all can sit around and hope and wish like kids that this will get fixed. #Browns.

#Browns promising drive stops as Brissett fumbles snap and Bills recover at Buffalo 48, CLE leads 10-3 with 8:17 left in first half..

Jacoby Brissett muffs a snap from backup center Hjalte Froholdt. #Browns turn it over and give the ball back to the #Bills..

Well, exchange between sub center Hjalte Froholdt and Brissett is lost. Bills recover..

Bad exchange between Hjalte Froholdt and Jacoby Brissett, fumble, #Bills ball at the 47.

Browns over midfield. Hunt for 7 on first down. Brissett fumbles the second down snap and it is recovered by Buffalo..

Big fourth-down stop by the Bills defense, and Shaq Lawson with an animated celebration after stopping Jacoby Brissett. Buffalo taking over on their 27-yard line..

#Bills settle for 36-yard FG. Fumbled snap by Jacoby Brissett only costs #Browns 3 points. Cleveland leads 10-6 with 4:54 left in 1st half..

A beautifully-called #Browns drive torpedoed by a fumbled snap by Jacoby Brissett that the #Bills Matt Milano recovers at the Buffalo 48. 10-3 Cleveland still, 8:17/2Q.

Brissett with the fumble. Browns trying to keep the bills in the game. 😭.

Brissett Photo,Brissett Photo by Mike McDaddy/Wilkins/Tua/Ayo stan. 🍜 💪,Mike McDaddy/Wilkins/Tua/Ayo stan. 🍜 💪 on twitter tweets Brissett Photo

#Browns turn ball over on downs on Bills 27 on back-to-back failed QB sneaks by Jacoby Brissett. Bills lead 16-10, after scoring the last 13 points with 5:49 left in 3rd quarter..

Everyone had Jacoby Brissett comfortably outplaying Josh Allen in this Browns-Bills game, right?.

So when Dorsey played QB for the Browns Brissett was a receiver? #browns.

Brissett Photo,Brissett Photo by Coach Five,Coach Five on twitter tweets Brissett Photo

The @Browns have arguably the best running back in football in @NickChubb and run back-to-back QB sneaks with Jacoby Brissett on 3rd & 1 and 4th & 1… and that’s how 3-6 teams stay 3-6. 😖.

Lamar Jackson O INT (+100)✅✅ BOOM! 2 for 2. Lets get Brissett for the early slate sweep💪🏼 #GamblingTwitter #NFL.

8:17 2nd - Brissett loses point where the Bills begin and finish the #BecauseBrowns.


Chubb runs for 9 fucking yards on a hand off to make it 2nd and 1. So let’s give it Brissett TWICE for a sneak?!??? Fire this coach Jesus Christ..

@AlPawlowski He was all rookie when Mayfield was healthy in 2020… last year wasn’t so great and Brissett is a pro, but doesn’t threaten the defense like we shall see. I would expect no this less from you, but I appreciate the respectful dialog on this app. Go Cleveland!👍🏼.

@_R00BY Turn the bills game on if you need a laugh ha making brissett look like Brady out there..

Brissett fumble gonna let Bills right back into it. He always reminds you why he can’t keep a job..

@camijustice In 3rd down they line Cooper and Njoku to the left side, and Brissett never even looked that way..

@phxIIymxkan They were giving hunt the ball before the brissett fumble it’s over💔.

#Browns looked like they were on the move again on offense, but Brissett mishandles a snap and Bills recover. Buffalo ball near midfield..

@luvcleveland Brissett is a few secs late on open receivers. Watson will not be late meaning he will hit open receivers in stride. Better opportunity..

@jeffrey_dudas @bdobney Well that killed. Brissett is the best QB in the NFL at the QB sneak but he gets stopped twice in a row..

@luvcleveland Brissett has played as well as you could expect a backup to play but he’s clearly a backup..

Okay. Buffalo’s defense doesn’t deserve a ton of respect today maybe…but respect them more than Jacoby Brissett twice up the middle on 3rd and 4th. That’s a HUGE stop and a BILLS FIRST DOWN..

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