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The Britney Spears remix of Viva Las Vegas is done’& it’s ‘Elvis’ director Baz Luhrmann’s passion to put it out.

Vine a recoger a mi hermano al Metal Fest y pues traigo el segundo album de mi chiquita Britney reventando el trocon 💅.

#NowPlaying I Wanna Go by Britney.

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i vote for britney spears and bad bunny OR lizzo and bad bunny.

Life has nothing but joy in store for you at the moment -- More for Taurus.

Britney is literally paying for her own wedding with lmao like she literally is embarrassing. To pressure someone to give you a ring and marry them just for you to pay EVERYTHING for the wedding #LoveAfterLockup #LifeAfterLockup.

Se están peleaaaaandoooo ☹️ Britney Spers sostiene una pelea en redes con sus dos mejores amigas Paris Hilton y Selena Gómez 📱.

@NegrosConAtaud Muy chingoncito asiendo su britney señal. Y ya después bien geycito se pone Llorar no mms 🤣😂😅.

it’s too early for the other artists on that list except for riri, xtina, britney, and tay.

Wtopa na dziś: Britney Spears o kuchniach świata - Nigdy nie chciałam polecieć do Japonii, bo nie lubię ryb. A wiem, że tam w Afryce bardzo je lubią - Co za wtopa!.

@WhoIamthatgirl @BB_Updates I wish you people would show me where I said anything “anti” Taylor!! My response was to what people were saying about Britney and her saying she wants the money for a child! Taylor and Alyssa can bone who they want I give 0 fu$ks who they bone.

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