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Updated: September 14th, 2021 03:37 AM IST

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Brittany Renner announces that it’s officially “Stepdaddy Season” 👀

Brittany Renner Twitter

If you’ve read Brittany Renner’s book about her life. It tells a lot about why she acts the way she does. That girl needs a soul cleansing. I can’t even talk down on her. I feel bad for her.


I respect a woman’s hustle towards men including Brittany Renner but it’s the fact that PJ so young while she damn near 30 that’s fucked up to me

@kingtisemedia Yes. It’s called grooming and predation. Brittany Renner was 25+ preying on a 18-19 year old teenage boy. Same with Travis. That’s not weird to you?

Brittany Renner is that succubus they was talking bout in that episode of South Park fr

Y’all created women like Brittany Renner. Yall empowered that shit, now y’all acting surprised.

Brittany Renner was really just looking for a come up and took advantage of the situation, PJ was just too green. Cant blame her though hoes will be hoes.

Somebody said Brittany Renner got PJ in a Genjutsu of pain, that’s the funniest shit I seen all day omfg

Mfs rather have a baby with finesse queen Brittany renner than a bar fight with Mike Tyson? Helllll nah ! Lmaooo

@KhairyCreek She not. But it’s Brittany Renner. And any chick with her brain, ain’t the bitch for me. Be damn if i get used and the baby ain’t even mine.


The next guy that gets with Brittany Renner will have to have been living under a rock to not see what he’s getting into 😂

Brittany Renner: it’s stepdaddy season. Rappers and basketball players sliding into her DMs:

Juicy J said he’s here for Brittany Renner’s energy following her recent post about not letting your ex block your blessings.

Brittany Renner announces that it’s officially “Stepdaddy Season” 👀

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