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Jr NBA and @Original_Turner in 🇹🇿 with the Brogdon Family Foundation #JrNBA #NBAAfrica.

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Also, good lord you just made the finals and picked up Brogdon and your fans love the team. What are you doing picking up a dude who joined TikTok in his mid thirties; the same guy you just swept?!.

Sam Quinn
Sam Quinn

Note: Kevin Durant makes roughly $15 million more than Jaylen Brown. Boston would have to send out some more salary to make that trade plausible. Derrick White makes the most sense. He balances out the salary and Brogdon makes him redundant..

Which lineup would have a better chance at winning an NBA title? Marcus Smart Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown Al Horford Rob Williams or Malcolm Brogdon Jayson Tatum Kevin Durant Al Horford Rob Williams.


Celtics don’t beat a Healthy Bucks team next year just because they added Brogdon, fyi. They need KD..

I mean come on now, we know who KD is as shot creator lol. The only slight concern I’d have is rim pressure. Jaylen was really good at generating that off second-side. KD obviously amazing, but the team would be devoid of rim threats outside Brogdon/Tatum. Balance would be key.

KD “with” Jaylen Brown, Smart, Brogdon, Williams, Horford etc Is a better team tomorrow than it would be with Tatum, Brown, Smart, Brogdon, Williams, Horford, etc Flip flop KD for Tatum and Boston is heavy favorites going into next season..

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KD Rob Tatum Brogdon Horford lineup would be extremely good in the playoffs especially.

Brogdon Tatum KD Horford Williams Is a championship starting lineup. The Celtics would be very stupid not to make it happen.

Eu entendo o lado de alguns torcedores do Celtics, mas a chance de ter o Jayson Tatum com o Kevin Durant pelos próximos 4 anos é algo que não se passa assim. Teriam Durant, Tatum, Rob (ou o Smart), Brogdon e White sob contrato até 2025. Horford e Gallo até a próxima temporada..

@ClutchPage @ShamsCharania Bence celtics icin gereksiz bir hamle olur. Final tecrubesi kazanmis takima brogdon takviyesi yapmissin gelecegini kaybetmeye ne gerek varki.

Boston potential starting lineup: Malcolm Brogdon Seth Curry Jayson Tatum KD Al Horford Key Bench pieces: Joe Harris, Gallo, Prichard, Grant Williams.

Com a chegada de Brogdon ao Celtics, a franquia tornou-se ainda mais competitiva. Com todo respeito ao Durant, que é um grande jogador, não precisamos dele no momento..

@knarsu3 Eh. In order to put them in the discussion w/ the Dubs w/ KD you’d have to put Tatum in the discussion w/ Steph, which to me is crazy. I’d also have Dray way over Timelord, Klay way over Smart. Andre pretty close w/ Brogdon. Really not comparable at all imo..

Boston was honestly the better team for most of the Warriors they just didn’t have Steph Curry They improved their team a good amount with the Brogdon addition, if they don’t get this trade for KD done - it’ll be hard to run it back with the same energy after today.

@Trevor_Lane Boston Celtics are going to win the Kevin Durant sweepstakes because they know Malcolm Brogdon is very injury-prone. Gotta load up with the best talent you can find..

@Estoy_Thoy @ColeyMick Nobody else is offering anything close to that, so that’s too much. FTR, I’d prefer to keep things the way they are and run it back w brogdon/gallinari. But it’s Kevin Durant we’re talking about here. Gotta kick the tires.

@ChickenB_ agreed, KD is a hell of a player but he’s 34… not to mention the C’s made it to the finals and added Malcolm Brogdon.

@Fabiano27361457 Celtics acabou de ficar a 2 vitórias de ser campeão, jogando com R. Willlians e Tatum machucados, e sem um banco decente. Com eles saudáveis + Brogdon + Galo, dizer tal coisa beira a insanidade..

@mrclarkinc @knarsu3 Brogdon. Smart. Tatum. KD. Williams Gallo. Grant Williams. Horford. Pritchard I dunno man… that’s pretty scary.

@BleedGreen_BR @DepreSixers Celtics precisa pelo menos testar como vai funcionar esse time tendo Brogdon e Gallinari como opções. Se tudo der errado, aí sim é hora de trocar..

@iJordanMoore You don’t make drastic roster moves after going to the NBA finals. The Brogdon Gallinari moves were absolutely perfect. We are absolutely set up for a deep finals run now. If you add a new variable, KD, that’s no longer a sure fire conclusion..

@alejandroggo @BermioTxo Es que un quinteto con Brogdon, Smart, Tatum, KD y Rob es una locura..


@ic3ebe They were two wins away too and added a certified guard in brogdon why not try it out to see how much impact he makes.

The leaker did their job. It was probably this executive that spoke after the Brogdon trade: “Going to Boston, with strong people around him, unfortunately, yes, he’ll be good for them. I think he’s going to make them a lot better — which pisses me off.”.

My point being: they were a great team who wasn’t only bound to naturally get better with age/experience- then they added a really valuable piece in Brogdon A few moves in the margins and they could/should compete for another title… but now you have this situation..

Amigo los Celtics tienen a Brogdon y Gallinari desde el banquillo (!) No pueden desarmar ese núcleo, sería delictivo..

@NestPgs We were 2 wins away and just added Brogdon and Gallinari and Time Lord should be back to full strength. KEEP THIS TEAM INTACT!!!!!!!!!!!.


If the Celtics make that trade, they are putting alot of faith into Brogdon staying healthy.

Since Brad and Marks talked about a KD trade we literally traded the first we supposedly offered to the Nets for Brogdon. Idk how anyone thinks this is happening.

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