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Wow the Broncos just got swept by the raiders. Let’s hear it broncos country. Talk to me, this is a nightmare right ? #BroncosCountry you guys deserve so much better. I want your guys raw emotional reaction. This is a safe place..

Here’s a disappointed Pat Surtain II on the final play of the game, admits he got turned around a bit and Adams double-move was “a good play call by them” and the first Adams TD was well executed too. @KOAColorado #BroncosCountry.

Gotta fire Hackett. Got swept by the fucking raiders. Dudes gotta go. Fed the fuck up. #Broncos #BroncosCountry.

@L_The_Ideal Gordon ain’t worth defending anymore. He’s lost the trust of #BroncosCountry. His fault…not ours..

Well it’s not truly the off-season for the #broncos until we get the @AllbrightNFL coaching list w/names no else is mentioning . Might have to get his list ready earlier this year. Could be a #BroncosCountry thanksgiving gift @redwardsradio.

Para todos los que asistirán al juego de la #NFLenMexico de #BroncosCountry, les compartimos información importante..

#BroncosCountry Photo,#BroncosCountry Photo by Broncos En Español,Broncos En Español on twitter tweets #BroncosCountry Photo

And @Broncos still finding a way to give this one away. 🤦‍♂️ #BroncosCountry.

Defense is rolling over and dying again. Fucking hell guys!! Pathetic!! #BroncosCountry.

@greggrosenthal I can speak for all #BroncosCountry when I say, I’m not shocked at all..

Guess Kubiak saw my tweet and wanted me to know he could call and even worse play on 3rd down. #BroncosCountry.

I know you’ve never been a mid-season firing kind of guy but at this point, how isn’t it the right move? @AllbrightNFL #BroncosCountry.

Memo to Center Grove football coach @cg_coach_moore After you 3-peat Friday night will you please go and coach the Denver Broncos? Regards, A Bronco fan in Indy living in the abyss of the PFM curse #BroncosCountry.

We live in a world where Jeff Saturday coming off of his couch mid season is a better coaching hire than Nathaniel Hackett… #BroncosCountry.

Asking @DangeRussWilson for a donation. Apparently we already spent $249M on something, and I’m thinking we can at least fix the stadium lights. @Broncos #broncoscountry #letsride.

#BroncosCountry Photo,#BroncosCountry Photo by shadu_b,shadu_b on twitter tweets #BroncosCountry Photo

I think that Nathan Hackett timeout was the worst timeout I’ve ever seen #BroncosCountry #LetsCry.

A 13 year old kid playing Madden can manage the end of a game better than the #BroncosCountry coaching staff. 🤦‍♂️.

Russell Wilson is an absolute idiot. Why he’s thrown that when Vegas have no timeouts left is beyond me. Game should be finished but nope, they’ve 32 seconds to score - we’re at least going to OT FFS. #broncoscountry.

This team can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like none other. #BroncosCountry.

I’ve discovered just how much more I enjoy football when I’m not watching Denver play #BroncosCountry.

@Broncos are you trying to lose? It feels like the last 2 minutes everything goes to crap. Love you #BroncosCountry but this is getting painful..

Russell Wilson 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 But the joke is on us. Well played #SeattleSeahawks #BroncosCountry.

Wow, @Broncos couldn’t get the first down. Who could have seen that coming?! #BroncosCountry.

Holy fk Russell Wilson, if your just going to throw the ball away incomplete at this point in the game, just fall down and burn 40 seconds off the clock. Wow!! Bad decision!! #BroncosCountry.

Aw, hell. My nerves finna get bad now. Defense, you have one job… #BroncosCountry.

2nd and 3rd down play calls should’ve been flipped. Hopefully the defense closes it anyway. #BroncosCountry.

#LVvsDEN omg. Russ, what was that?? Absolutely terrible. The offense needs to pull their weight. #BroncosCountry.

@skrizPO Gotta say that’s a pretty tough scenario to follow. You didn’t cost the game Melvin, but you are responsible for not winning. #BroncosCountry.

@NFL I guess God really doesn’t like @DangeRussWilson like the rest of the world. Let’s ride #BroncosCountry right into a mountain.

It’s time to put this horse #BroncosCountry #LETSRIDE.

#BroncosCountry Photo,#BroncosCountry Photo by WS21,WS21 on twitter tweets #BroncosCountry Photo

@PGutierrezESPN Wow been away from NFL today but sounds like another vintage Russ #BroncosCountry type of game today 😳.

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