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Em paz com meu brownie e assistindo o bobão contar os perrengues ELI NO PODPAH.

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are all the kings players huddled in the locker room crying over brownie like us ????.

Good night #LAKings fam and thanks for making this crazy, rollercoaster of a season more enjoyable. Sad ending for our boys - especially Brownie - but proud of the team’s progress and looking forward to next season. #GoKingsGo 🖤🤍👑.

Lステップの導入の時も、 ウチは親身な接客がウリなんだ! という人がいて、 それは素晴らしい想いだと思うけど、 結局そのアナタの言う親身を 顧客は求めているのか? ってところを考えてない人が 多いなぁと感じる。 パワーや時間を使うところはどこなのか? ってもっかい考えた方がいいですよね。.

This is my first time I got to enjoy a legend in the making from the beginning of his career to the end with the LA Kings. Thank you Brownie for everything..

I am not okay but Dustin Brown is forever my captain. He gave everything to the LA Kings organization including 2 cups. Thank you for everything Brownie💜.

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@DustinBrown23 Thank you Brownie. 2012 and 2014 are years I will never forget 🖤🤍.

@DustinBrown23 Thank you for all of the memories Brownie! Forever a King and a Champion! Legend!.

Forever my Cap ❤️❤️ going to miss you Brownie 🥹🥹🥹.

@GustlTweets They have to make a lot more room in those rafters!! 3 more numbers will be joining Brownie!!.

@shoppeta1104 @kool1976kool ネット集客ってネット営業するんじゃなくて、1時間くらい話を聞いてもらう入り口のキッカケ作りになるんだけどな🤔笑 ネット集客×リアル営業 このイメージができてないんだろうな、、.

-All time NHL hits leader (2nd place isn’t close) -35th in points for American players in the history of the entire NHL (thats 35th of ~1900 players) -Only American to captain 2 cups A tad below the Hall Of Fame threshold, but he belongs in the Hall of Very Good. See ya, Brownie.

@kool1976kool @brownie_game1 直接話さないとと想いは伝わらないって言ってました。んでしっかり話したいから1時間くらい時間をもらうそうです。僕それに捕まって永遠と自分の話されました✨.

Forever Captain!!!!! Thank you for everything Brownie!!! #23InTheRafters.

brownie barbaros bisturí beber bus bicolor bella belfos broche brochetas.

eterna dúvida entre levantar pra comer um brownie ou beber um copão de vodka pra ver se o sono volta.

@Claytoncyre @Donix_0 Just to get my brownie points from you: Beef gravy and cheese curds..

@DustinBrown23 It’ll never be the same without you on the ice Brownie. You turned this team from almost not getting a cup in 50 years to a two time winner that looks poised to make another run. Maybe one day we can see you lift it again from behind the bench!.

brownie really is leaving us and idk how to feel :( next season i need doughty w the big C!!!!!! <3 my boy deserves to be captain cause wow where was the defense without him :/.

@damonheller Oh, don’t get me wrong, the offense sucks and needs major work. I’m hoping now that Brownie is retired Kaliyev and Kupari get major ice time. And with the young D developing we never see Matta and Edler getting major run… this team has big time potential..

@DustinBrown23 Thank you for everything Brownie!! It’s been an absolute honor watching you take the ice all these years & leading this organization and leaving it better then when you started. You’ve made an indelible mark on this team, on this city. We owe you a debt of gratitude. #23forever.

@DustinBrown23 @LAKings We love you brownie!!! Thank you for all the awesome memories you have created for me as a kings over the years! Enjoy your retirement.

@DustinBrown23 Congratulations on an amazing career, Brownie! You were an exceptional leader for the @LAKings, and a warrior on the ice and off. Enjoy retirement - you’ve earned it! 🖤.

@DustinBrown23 Thank you for everything Brownie! We wouldn’t have won the 2 cups without you! I’ll truly miss your style of play and miss watching you on the ice all the time! Next time we’ll see you, is when your number goes up on the rafters! You’ll always be my captain! ❤️.

@kingsgifs2 We will all miss Brownie alot!!!! Wishing all the best to the Brown family. Thank you for all you have given us the fans..

Congratulations on an amazing career, Brownie! You were an exceptional leader for the @LAKings, and a warrior on the ice and off. Enjoy retirement - you’ve earned it! 🖤.

Every river feels like a sick jar that is extended in a chartreuse city and every sizzling brownie is new and sunny.

@CarabarinIvan Quiero pensar que pq los ingredientes son caros (un brownie de esos sale como en $60-$70, no recuerdo).

@DustinBrown23 Thanks for the memories Brownie! Look forward to hoisting that Jersey in the near future! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻.

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