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🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Dallas Cowboys announce that they have signed former Cleveland Browns wide ...Antonio Callaway.

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Actor Tenoch Huerta, who played “Namor” in Black Panther 2, goes off on racist Mexican Media outlets who said “Blacks & Browns” can’t sell in the film industry. The movie has grossed $545 Million in just 10 days‼️💯.

Despite the massive snow fall in Buffalo, the Bills’ team flight is on track to leave Buffalo for Detroit at 4 pm today. The Bills play the Browns in Detroit on Sunday, then the Lions on Thanksgiving..

Bills players and coaches are currently boarding the plane to fly to Detroit for Sunday’s game vs. the Browns..

Buccaneers ruled out RB Leonard Fournette for Sunday’s game vs. the Browns and also activated RB Gio Bernard from injured reserve..


Therapist: “You need time to process these losses and definitely do everything in your power to avoid setting yourself up for crippling failure again.” Me: “I would but I got a Browns game to go to today.”.

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GAME DAY GIVEAWAY!!!! RETWEET and MUST be Following ME for a Chance to WIN a Cleveland Browns stitched hoodie!!! Winner announced tomorrow!!! #HereWeGoBrownies.

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#Browns offense has to put some points on the board here. ✨complementary football✨.

#Browns defense almost get a fumble and recovery, but Dawson Knox was down before losing the ball..

Bills have found a weakness in the #Browns defense today. (This is where you adapt and evolve your game plan, Joe Woods).

There is no excuse for #Browns to be 3-7. It’s paint peelin’ off the walls time..

Had one in stock. Orange pants party for my Cleveland Browns boys..

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95 has had it just as much as we have with this teams mediocrity #Browns.

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🔴𝐆𝐨 𝐎𝐧 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤 @nflstreamshdnow Watch NFL Sunday Night Football Live Streams Free 🔴𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐎𝐧📺@nflstreamshdnow Buccaneers vs Browns Chargers vs Cardinals Raiders vs Seahawks Rams vs Chiefs Saints vs 49ers.

Rumour Musk is to lock out all Twitter employees & the program may close indefinitely. If so I love you all. Go Browns. Go Brisbane Lions. Try some Kpop & watch a k drama. Be kind to animals. To my USA friend who has me in lotto syndicate remember my winnings go to dog shelter.

Twitter cant die bc: 1. How will I shit talk the browns 2. How can I tell poni he’s the worst 3. How can I tell ppl pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and mint choc chip ice cream is elite 4. How will I know if Matt Canada gets deported This stuff is too important.

Great FG hold. I’ll take that all day. Josh Allen doesn’t look right to me. He is not comfortable throwing the ball rn. Could be what we’re doing. Could be the elbow. Might be a little of both. #Browns #NFL.

Should we fire stefanski? No. Should we strip him of his playcalling duties? Yes. These are two completely different things #browns.

If the Steelers offense can score a single point in the second half today it will be their highest point output since 01/02/22, Big Ben’s last game at Heinz Field where they scored 26 against the Cleveland Browns. #Steelers.

Jacoby Brissett has been pretty good this year. The #Browns are just a really bad football team. It’s shocking how bad they are. I figured they’d be 3-7, but BECAUSE of Brissett, not in spite of him..

The Browns My Fantasy Team 🤝 Shitting the Bed.

The team played like a pro team wow where has this been all year go Browns.

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Jeff Kerr
Jeff Kerr

Tom Brady was 218-0 in career up 7+ points in final 2 minutes. The #Browns made it 218-1..

@RuiterWrongFAN Detroit finally gets to see some real NFL Football! Go Browns! 🏈.

Josh Allen is an elite QB when healthy, he just looks off in a big way. The #Browns have got to take advantage of this..

Bro this Jets-Pats game is putting me to sleep and this is the shit CBS put on rather watch Bills v Browns.

Knox is 100% down, but considering, how this game has been officiated, it’s gonna be Browns ball..

Browns blew an opportunity. Need the *pukes in mouth* the Steelers *proceeds to puke in mouth* to win today..

@Pchopz_ YES!!! Needs the last 6 games to knock the rust off. That is the only reason left to watch the Browns the rest of the way.

@thebz83 Totally agree CLE offense left many points on the board ; defense played out of their minds first had any expectation CLE would beat SB favored squad but Browns redzone offense was ridiculously.

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