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Inbox: Workers at a Burger King in Sacramento (1915 Arden Way) will strike tomorrow. Temperatures are getting close to 100 degrees, the A/C is broken. One worker passed out from the heat. A customer came in and said this is “the hottest Burger King I have ever been in..

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Two blocks from a casino and Burger King on a base in Germany is a medium-sized room covered with a blue carpet that has become the center of Western aid efforts to help Ukraine fend off Russia. Great story from @idreesali114 in Stuttgart..


Burger King 🍔👑 dey do Promotion. Every Wednesday you get 2 Whopper burgers, 2 fries and 2 sodas at a 50% discount. @BurgerKingGhana Please Retweet and share.

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White supremacy is just white privileged I remember when they took Dylan roof to Burger King for his great deeds.

Oh oh Ray Liotta, you were so special. I was just talking about a late night interview I once saw him do, where he talked about crying at a Christmas commercial where the McDonald’s and Burger King signs hugged.

Do any of us believe that cops are going to risk their lives against the known firepower school shooters have? Soon as they saw it was an AR, they were like, “Let’s wait til he offs himself.” If he’d have walked out, then Burger King Protocol would go in effect, methinks..

COMPETITION TIME: WIN A TRENDSETTER PAIR- 1. Retweet this; 2. Hashtag #TryToTry; 3. Tag three friends; and 5. Follow @KoenaClothing and @Koena_za. Closing date 31 May. Play daily for chance to WIN. 10111 Mr Smeg Burger King.

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@Trabzonspor @BurgerKingTR Burger King Kasıyerlerı Trabzon Dışındakı İllerdr Taraftar Menusu Istedıgımızde Fişlerde Farklı Kluplerı Seçiyor. Bilginize..

Pour fêter les 6 jours de repos, BURGER KING 🍔🥰 Avec ma @__panicmoonwalk❤️🥰.

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Burger King will rebrand itself as Burger Queen over the jubilee weekend. Prices will double..

@bchartsnet a publi da bc pro burger king enquanto a pan caiu no limbo kkkkkkkk.

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az önce arkadasımın burger king istifa dilekçesini yazdıükemmel bi insanim.

Kopaka in a Burger King promotion, #Bionicle.

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ajsjhshshshshshdjs millet deli gibi belgesel video falan bekliyo adam hâlâ burger king ahshshdjjsjd. ya kupanın kalktığı gün bile adam akıllı bi kupa fotoğrafı paylaşmadınız hacı siz eğleniyor musunuz bizimle.

Also it’s me, I’m the one keeping Burger King in business because their iced coffee is so good.

@notdreamland cause like ive had stuff from burger king that varied in quality massively. like i had burger king a month ago and it was awful. last time I had burger king it was amazing and like the veggies were like fresh and I was amazed.

𝗠𝗼𝗱𝗼 𝗰𝘂𝗿𝗶𝗼𝘀𝗮: ¿McDonalds 💗o 🔁 Burger King? |\__/| (●_●) ¿Qué prefieres? ( >🍝.

Quando vejo algo relacionado ao Burger King só me lembro de ir ao drive-thru a pé com meu colega Jessé Bezerra segurando meio kg de cupom na mão. Sdds..

pfv burger king pelotas, eu quero o combo de stranger things pra assistir a série comendo besteirinhas com ele.

Burger King Ingredients Finally Revealed in the Whopper, Fries, and Chicken Nuggets via @thefoodbabe.

I’m the least bit big conspiracy guy, but I really have a hard time wrapping my head around how an 18 year old kid who flipped burgers at burger king had some of the weapons he did. There is grown men with good jobs that can’t even afford or get their hands on those weapons.

day 3 of work. bathrooms are out of order. instructions? walk to the burger king next door and beg them to use theirs..

TW bodycheck . . . . . Bodychecking in a Burger King washroom 🤭.

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You already knew that because it only costs $ lol. Patty itsself 6/10 Bun and their choices of toppings easily carried this burger. Excellent bun and the sauce was great! Overall: its better than McDonalds and Burger King. On par with Wendys, not as good as ....

@royalsclubhouse If any fast food joint needed a mega rebrand, it’s Burger King. I e thought about this too much..

Whoever just tried to order Burger King at 9am without leaving a tip, you’re going to fucking hell.

o capitalismo me fazendo gastar com o novo combo do burger king de stranger things e estava muito bom viu, recomendo.


We got ASB news :) POE trade site is down :( Burger King for dinner :) Ray Liotta died :(.

¿Este solecito al caer la tarde y tú en casa? 😏 ¡Vente a tomar algo a alguno de nuestros restaurantes y empieza el fin de semana como te mereces! 😎 Porque sí, ¡porque los findes empiezan los jueves! 😜 : hoy estamos muy de @Burger King o de KFC, lo confesamos. #muelleuno.

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procuro amizades pra fazer rolê de f**** ** e ir pro drive thru do burger king pedir mto lanche e voltar pra casa pra ver filme e rachar o bico, alguém se candidata?.

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