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Giving away this Joe Burrow signed ball if the Bengals win.

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How? 5 seasons, 2 MVPs, 5 home AFCCGs, Super Bowl win + MVP, another Super Bowl appearance. It’s more than two (or 4) head to head games if you’re talking like that. As I’ve mentioned I think Burrow is the clear number 2 at this point. But this kind of talk is way too premature..

Joe Burrow: “I think this year we’re a much more complete team from top to bottom.”.

Joe Burrow: “This year, we’re a much more complete team from top to bottom.” #Bengals @fox19.

This is exactly what the Ravens wanted. Long drive. Score and keep Burrow off the field..

@ATStrike4 @CardsAndRavens From a Bengals that was on Burrow I would have wanted the penalty called so yeah I think Refs missed that one.

Burrowが入ってから× ChaseとBurrowが揃ってから〇 FAやドラフトで上手く補強できているのが大きいです #Peing #質問箱.

we are headed to one of those games we will be talking about for years. a team and qb who is making a lot of noise. and a qb might be playing on basically 1 solid leg. should be a very good 2 way game the closer we get to the weekend mahomes vs burrow.

A long methodical 10 minute drive by the Ravens. Keeping Burrow and that bengals offense off the field.

Playcalling HAS to be better next week. Get in your creative bag Dorsey! Mahomes & Burrow are good but so is their playcalling. Josh is need to put him in position to be that. Empty the clip!!.

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Giving in to my vices (moving my largest plushie from my bed to my couch so my silly dog has more space to burrow under my blanket).

@kingxnvte No. Kd has more skill but giannis is the better player. A better comparison is Bron Vs Kd. Kd has the better basketball skills but Bron is the better player. That’s burrow Vs mahomes. Burrow is the perfect QB almost like a Brady. But Pat is just better despite playing different.

Look, I’m sorry it has come to this, but I’m going to need the Bengals to not make the Super Bowl because my wife won’t stop sending me Joe Burrow videos..

Why do Chiefs fans get so defensive anytime you have something positive to say about Joe Burrow😭.

“We have great minds. It’s a collaborative effort. We have the best coaching staff in the NFL,” Burrow said about what distinguishes the Bengals..

Patrick Mahomes ankle seems But is a hobbled Mahomes still better than Burrow? 855-212-4CBS Watch on YouTube here.

Nice drive ! D it’s gna take some stops gotta TACKLE n when Burrow is in our grasp he gotta go down..

Find, give them their fucking TD and then let Burrow get the ball back. #WhoDey #RuleTheJungle.

Can’t ask for a better drive from Huntley and the crew. And kept Burrow on the bench for 10+ mins. Let’s go.

There is a BIG gap in QB play between Mahomes/Burrow and the rest of the QBs in the league. I will die on the hill defending that statement. They’re both just flat out winners..

@Tee36030728 Cincinnati. I like Burrow! But,I’m a @49ers fan hoping they play each other in the Super Bowl and beat Cincinnati! 😃.

Why didn’t the refs call the horse collar that they did on Burrow earlier?! 😑😑.

@BengalsCaptain And a face mask that has ZERO to do with the play is called and they miss the horse collar on burrow. And Collingsworth agreeing with it. He stinks as a broadcaster and a former bengal..

@GeauxSports That one where Burrow went out of bounds? Definitely not if you mean that one..

Best way to win this game is to keep burrow off the field. Good job so far by the ravens on this drive.

no vi jugar a Montana con Rice, pero por el tape que he visto de ellos dos, siento que los más parecidos a ellos son Burrow y Chase amo a Burrow, no me juzguen.

so we get a face mask penalty but last week they didn’t get one against burrow that was clear as day??? sounds fake.

@BluephinTua Really? 🥱stop it we sound silly Tua isn’t close to Burrow right now. I’m not saying he can’t take us there but he hasn’t come close yet. It’s about December & January nothing else matters unless ur playing with note cards.

Bengals’ Joe Burrow Appears to Tweak NFL With Blunt Message in Instagram Post.

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