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Cam Johnson said he’s chalking his being a Sixth Man of the Year finalist as a “group award for bench mob”:.

Jae Crowder picks up his 3rd foul midway through the 2Q and is not happy about it. Cam Johnson checks in for him.

My name is Christopher Emmanuel Paul and I defer to Cam Johnson and Jae Crowder at the end of playoff games.

Cam Johnson’s and-one with seconds left in the third was the Suns first points since the 3:39 mark of the third quarter..

One Cam Johnson 3 short…happy the Pels mad e a run to cash a bunch. I was banking on some garbage minutes from Cam..

The @WagerTalk 5% rocking chair 💺 stayed in the garage but the Suns (-10) pulled out the cover. Under and Cam Johnson points prop also won, closing out a solid NBA day in style. Woohoo to those who hopped on board! 💰💰💰.


If he gone be here he gotta be a bench piece anyways, Cam Johnson is a starter.


if your name is - Jose Alvarado - Brandon Ingram - CJ McCollum - Mikal Bridges - Cam Johnson Congrats, 1st ballot Hall of Famer Chris Paul couldn’t hit more field goals than you in the 4th quarter..

@hotboxchampion @ClutchPointsApp He’s going to his assignment who had been cooking everyone else on his team all quarter. He’s by far the pels best defender, why would he be going back to find Cam Johnson?.

Cam Johnson finishes game 1 with 13 points on 5/6 shooting 1/2 from 3 and this highlight dunk Next Heel in action is Danny Green tomorrow at 7:30.


Ayton is goated, Cam Johnson is back, Bridges just playing normal goat defence, Booker a killa & CP just chillin 😂.

Cam Johnson finishes game 2 with 11 points and 4 rebounds Next Heel up is Danny Green tomorrow at 8 followed by Coby White at 9:30.

Cam Johnson contra os PELICANS: 22 MIN 13 PTS 1 REB 0 AST 5/6 FG (83%) 1/2 3P (50%) 2/3 FT (66%) +3 WIN #ValleyProud.

Cam Johnson Photo,Cam Johnson Photo by cam johnson (1-0) 🇧🇷,cam johnson (1-0) 🇧🇷 on twitter tweets Cam Johnson Photo

@AndrewLeezus It’s all fate man. If we get Luka we probably never get Monty, never get CP3, never get Bridges and Cam Johnson. Trust the timeline.

if your name is - Jose Alvarado - Brandon Ingram - CJ McCollum - Mikal Bridges - Cam Johnson Congrats, Hall of Famer Chris Paul couldn’t hit more field goals than you in the 4th quarter..

@G_Sportz Imagine if They had The Suns don’t have a Person who can Guard Zion would Neither Jae Crowder nor Cam Johnson would want those.

@GeraldBourguet We are fine in this series. Should let booker rest and adjust with a new rotation for the remainder of this series. Cp was mostly inconsistent, Payne and crowder were AWFUL again and cam Johnson and ayton were below average..

Nah window hasn’t closed. Suns got all their future draft picks outside of this season and CP3 contract is only fully guaranteed for another season. Ayton and Cam Johnson could be trade chips if the Suns want. Books only 25 and another star would want to play with him..

@oldnbatweetz I can’t stand Scott Foster, but he didn’t miss Cam Johnson’s free throws, cause Jae to have a bad shooting night or out hustle the Suns for rebounds. Let’s not do this. Y’all better than and steal one on NOLA. BI was amazing 🤩..

Cam Johnson qui vient chiper le rebond offensif à Trey plus le and one Ouch, ça les fait repasser à +9, voire +10.

cam johnson is making me feel great rn. i was worried he might still have some rust on him after not a great showing his last few games.

Cam Johnson you have to go get a rebound that is twice he let his man get an easy 2nd chance put back.

@ConnerS1_ yep, he’s affecting the game still pretty well but phoenix always forces him in motion against cp3 which will always be good for the suns or gets the mismatch with cam johnson book and mikal. he’s using a ton of energy to not allow them to exploit it tho. he’s so fun man.

@Suns Cam Johnson and Jae Crowder combined 1-11 from 3 and no Booker for most of second half is not going to get it done tonight. Live for another day..

@AssassinateHate Cam Johnson will be better, Ayton will be better. Suns in 5 with or w/o Book..

@SunsAreBetter Problem is so many of them are missing from three dont know whats happened to Cam Johnson 🤷‍♂️.

Brandon Ingram and Cam johnson & New Orleans Pelicans Vs Phoenix Suns #NBAPlayoffs2022.

Cam Johnson Photo,Cam Johnson Photo by NBA HQ 📸,NBA HQ 📸 on twitter tweets Cam Johnson Photo

Suns Players I like 1. Cam Johnson 2. Mikal Bridges 3. Book(When he’s not complaining to refs) 4. Sometimes Chris Paul 5. Torrey Craig.

Tyler Herro averaged the 3rd most minutes per game for the Heat and had 10 games in which he was the starter. Cam Johnson had 16 games started this year and averaged 26 mpg. “6th man”.

@BransonOtis99 I definitely think so. Johnson is a great piece for the Suns but would have expected Cam Payne, but maybe he started too many games in CP3’s absence. Love, again, great piece for young Cavs but Herro was on another level..

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