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Sharpshooter Cam Johnson 1⃣0⃣- 1⃣2⃣ FG 2⃣7⃣pts UNC 81 | WF 45 #CarolinaSZN.

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Cam actually the closest comp skillset but PG13 play defense n he long been known as a 2 way player n motor never been a question for n PG13 more explosive even post lol Cam is moreso Atlanta Hawks Joe Johnson in a lengthier 6’9”.

#UNC 95, Wake Forest 57: The Tar Heels broke one record, and Cam Johnson nearly broke another as they cruised to a win in Winston-Salem.

I get chest pain every time Cam Johnson nails a three for UNC. Is that normal? Am I just hurt?.

Final Stats: #UNC 95 WF 57 Cam Johnson: 27 points (7/10) 3PT 3 rebounds 3 assists Coby White: 10 points 5 rebounds 6 assists Luke Maye: 10 points 7 rebounds 3 blocks 2 assists Kenny Williams: 5 points 4 assists 2 rebounds 2 steals.

Heels win 95-57 in blowout fashion over Wake Forest! 38 point win! Dominating game from the tip today! Huge showing by Cam Johnson with 27 points (10-13 FG, 7-10 3PT)! Luke Maye and Coby White with 10 points each! Duke up next on Wednesday! Go Heels! #TarHeelNation 🐏.

Sharpshooter Cam Johnson 1⃣0⃣- 1⃣2⃣ FG 2⃣7⃣pts UNC 81 | WF 45 #CarolinaSZN.

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Cam Johnson has a career-high seven made three-pointers. He’s up to 25 points now..

If UVA was a crappy team I’d be worried, BUT they aren’t! People forget UNC is w/o 2 big contributors: Sterling Manley & Leaky Black & tonight a 3rd player went down: Nasir Little & for a little bit tonight was w/o Cam Johnson! 9-2 in league play & in 2nd place! #LoveMyTeam.

Cam Johnson’s left ankle was wrapped with ice during postgame interviews. Said he rolled it stepping on someone’s foot. #UNC.

UNC freshman Nassir Little goes down with an injury in first half. Cam Johnson in the second.

Will Carolina get any credit for battling with both Nassir Little and Cam Johnson our of pretty much the entire second half? With two other players (Leaky Black and Sterling Manley), our for the game? To the point where only one sub was used in the second half?.

After six minutes of the studio crew waxing rhapsodic over Virginia’s toughness, Jay Williams punctures it by saying Carolina doesn’t lose if Cam Johnson gets hurt..

Big road win for the Rocks tonight defeating Alex Bay 6-1!! Stats: Cam Cartier: 3G/1A Dillon Spinner: 3A Kaden Conners: 1G Khyler Johnson: 1G Ian Mitchell: 1G Tim Cook: 1A Jared Showen: 1A RAVEN CONNERS: 1A Presto and John Bacon were solid in net for the Rocks!!☘️☘️☘️🔥.

No Nassir Little and missing Cam Johnson during a key stretch where we could’ve extended lead!! I’ll take this loss with pride!.

Leaky black, Sterling Manley, Nas Little and Cam Johnson for a stretch but go on..

In the same breath this man just said “Carolina gave this one away. If Cam Johnson doesn’t get hurt, it’s a different story.” literally contradicted yourself my dude. 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Lol Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams out here talking about Virginia coming back without discussing Cam Johnson, Nas Little, Sterling Manly and Leaky Black. Gotta love the biased takes..

No Leaky Black or Sterling loses Nassir Little to ankle in 1st half & Cam Johnson for a while in 2nd 🤔 @SethOnHoops 🤔.

If Cam Johnson and Nas Little aren’t 100% by the time Carolina comes to Duke next Wednesday, take Duke by double digits..

Now it’s time to see if Nassir Little is ok, make sure Cam Johnson wraps up that ankle, hopefully get Sterling Manley back and get Leaky Black healthy..

So many chances, but that game changed with Cam Johnson’s ankle injury. UNC up 7 and after that UVA closes on a 21-6 run over last 7:57..

Heels fall by a score of 69-61. Game we lost Cam Johnson and Nassir Little. Game we can’t buy a call and can’t get the stop we need when we need it. UVA is GOOD, as are we. We just hung with Virginia w/o Cam and Nas when needed. Stings, but looks up. Onto Wake this Saturday..

Really good road win for #Virginia tonight. But the one thought I have is how big was the effect of Cam Johnson missing big minutes and the loss of Nassir Little earlier in the first half for #UNC. No matter what, UVa gets a tough victory..

That ending sucked. Game completely changed when Cam Johnson went out. Guys played hard, and we just have to move on..

9-3 UNC run and Cam Johnson will head to the line with an opportunity to expand it to 10-3. Cavs up 2 at the under-16 media timeout..

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