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Canada welcomed me and my family & gave us the opportunity for a better life. it enabled me to live my dreams. It’s a great honour to play for Canada and I want to give back, so I’ve decided that I will donate this years World Cup earnings to charity..

actually let’s just meet up where i hid the USB! Flintridge Canyon - 360 Saint Katherine Se La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011…bring a 🔦 #BadDecisions.

Apagar escaparates provoca pobreza, pero tener a la Cañada Real sin luz un año no le parece mal..

“Turns out, we’re not allowed to sell our produce to our community - ON OUR OWN FARM! Last Saturday our farm stand… was shut down by the government. The NWT government has made the selling of food from farmers directly to people illegal”… Canada is now fully fascist. BE READY..

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When I said I’d fire the Bank of Canada Governor for printing $400B for Trudeau to spend causing inflation, Liberal media mouthpieces & Bay Street insiders went apoplectic. Turns out Canadians agree with me. End #JustinFlation. Fire #Gatekeepers.

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We’ll be at Beazley Field all week streaming The 22U Canadian Men’s National Championship! Stop by to say hello and watch some of the best baseball Canada has to offer! - @thehighbutton 🇨🇦⚾️ TICKETS:.

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@weischoice No specific deadline, I’ll be reviewing pitches on a rolling basis. Later pitches may be selected for a second supplement next year. Open to people outside of Canada, but pay will be in CAD $..

@PierrePoilievre Foreign Credential Recognition Program From Employment and Social Development Canada The Foreign Credential Recognition Program supports the labour market integration of skilled newcomers by: simplifying and harmonizing national credential recognition processes.


Thousands of young people were heading to Niagara today for 2 weeks of competition at the Canada Summer Games. Among them is a young woman who is making history in sports by taking on the guys in their own game. @alchchnews reports..

@danolebesties12 Rafa out, I really hope Daniil/Andrey can win Canada😞 Can someone tell him that he is No. 1 in the world.

@lukin2006 @CTVNews All things that every country is going through. So I wouldn’t just say it’s Canada. Now is it? Now your just probably to narrow minded to understand what global mean..

Y asi marchan las posiciones en nuestra liga Triple A, lucha cerrada entre KatyBulldog y Novatos de la Cañada por el primer lugar, la parte de abajo de la tabla todos ganaron y dispuestos a entrar en la pelea, The Black e Iguanas siguen en caída libre 🔥🔥.

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@RGBAtlantica @DavidHamer_1951 As usual the media in Canada is sucking for issues that fall into gutter anything out to see if it sticks to the wall, throw out more to create false narrative issues..

@MarkGerretsen Is MAID included in these freedoms ? Canada is terrible when it comes to helping people with disabilities and yet, expanding MAID to get rid of “freeloaders” or “less desirable”. They are still Canadians that YOU LEFT BEHIND.

@Bob131313 @nickyzacharias1 They celebrate every senior death as a victory for cancelling Canada Pension Plan, they celebrate every hospital closure as a victory for privatization of HC. They celebrate every sick child in public school as a victory for private schools. They celebrate misery by blaming Libs..

À l’occasion du #JourDeLÉmancipationCanada, nous célébrons la force et la persévérance des communautés noires au Canada. Aujourd’hui, soulignons la diversité culturelle et la contribution des Canadiens de race noire! #NotreDiversitéNotreForce.

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@ft_content @invest_canada All that hydrogen made from fossil gas, at the loss of half the energy of the methane..

@Douglas_Kims It’d probably be easier to get a non immigration visa to Canada than the US. Our country fucking sucks when it comes to entering..

@CarmenShier Not to mention that businesses like Rogers, Air Canada, Big Oil and Gas, Loblaws are all failing us through mismanagement and gouging..

Air Canada according to your policy you owe me a minimum of $ per bad that you lost 24 days ago. Still no response..


@BBCWorld After Pope is now the Queen turn to apologize from Canada First Nation people as the head of Anglican Church for its genocidal role in the residential schools.

@birgitomo and yet you do not address concerns with the healthcare delivery model. I am betting that you never endorsed the AG, FAO, and Drummond Reports on healthcare, right? Healthcare – (See slide 35) or.

The newest electric offering from #BMW — available for order now — starts at a lower price point than previous @bmwcanada #electricvehicles, which makes it eligible for both federal and provincial rebates..

In one month, Trudeau used enough fuel to power a trucker Trudeau logged 26,238 kilometres of jet travel. This included a 5,500-km flight to spend six hours at the Calgary Stampede..

@ma0chat 私のバイト先です🥺🥺もし良かったら彼に伝えても大丈夫ですか??.

The problem with the Depp v Heard trial is it showed the public that with enough money you can buy the courts time and get a closer approximation of the truth, but for us at the bottom we get this. A transcript of a hearing regarding legal abuse in Canada..

Canada’s TD Bank eyes further expansion with $ billion Cowen purchase.

As soon as this was posted, Antifa attacked it. Thanks for validating the video with such a great example - Donkeys! How is Antifa NOT a designated domestic terrorist group @rcmpgrcpolice?? Canada Divided via @YouTube.

@MarkGlasstette5 Texas!🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s their border! You don’t hear about walls in Canada to keep out Canadians….

@AJRthe2nd Abolish Rafael Eduardo Cruz. Send him to Cancun, Canada or Cuba. This country does not need that hideous ass-hair beard. God, I hate Texas and what it does to this country. I wish ya’ll would secede. I know it’s not all of you. I’m not an idiot. But enough of u unleash 💩 on us..

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