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🟥⬛️ Xolos de Tijuana repleto de extranjeros, todos jugaron hoy… 🇦🇷Romero 🇦🇷Canelo 🇦🇷Lertora 🇦🇷Lopez 🇦🇷Rodriguez 🇦🇷Valenzuela 🇦🇷Martínez 🇨🇱Díaz 🇨🇱Montecinos ¿Luego nos preguntamos qué le pasa al fútbol mexicano? 🔍 🇲🇽.

Las preguntas que recibo son recurrentes, alrededor de 10 o 15 boxeadores. Sánchez, Finito, Chávez, Canelo, Nápoles, Pacquiao, Floyd. Hay 1,600 campeones mundiales, amigos. Tyson fue un buen campeón. Bueno, nada más. Hay como 20 mejores. Si quieres te los digo, Paco..

¡No te vas a arrepentir de tener este arbolito en casa! 🤩🪴.

#LoMásVisto El “Canelo” Álvarez sí que sabe de box. #QueImporta por @ImagenTVMex.

@ESPNRingside Canelo fans coming out saying canelo would beat beterbiev 🤣🤣 why did he choose bivol over beterbiev then???.

Canelo Álvarez aparecerá en un comercial durante el Super Bowl..

@MichaelBensonn Pls no, the only fight that matters rn is Bivol vs Beterbiev. Callum Smith fights scared & we don’t need a repeat of the Canelo fight where he was too shook to let his hands go..

@TDHBXG Canelo didn’t want to fight Yarde before I remember that shit… But Beterbiev been would have peeled his wig back 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂.

Beterbiev-Smith is a mid fight, easy defence for Beterbiev. Smith lost to little 5’8 Middleweight Canelo, also lost to John Ryder. He can punch but physically is nowhere near as strong as Beterbiev. He will be okay for 4-5 rounds but as it goes on Smith has no chance. #Boxing.

After thinking about it… as a Canelo fan I do love and appreciate the power of a punch. Canelo is undisputed world champion because of that power. To compare the performance Bivol had with Canelo and Zurdo to Beterbeiv?! That right there makes no sense. Beterbeiv is a whole.

Eddie Hearn was supposed to get Andrade some quality fights but failed horribly and set up Canelo vs the fuy that ducked Andrade twice 🤣 yet they blame Andrade.

Bottled it against Canelo so what you think he’d do once he feels Beterbievs power.

@JakeNDaBox Would that be the same Callum Smith who couldn’t keep 5’9 Canelo and John Ryder off of him?.


@MichaelBensonn Unless Beterbiev has another dimension to his game I don’t see Bivol losing more than 2 rounds. Bivol likes to control fights and doesn’t like to get drawn in to slugfests Canelo is a better fight for Beterbiev imo.

@Frank_Bunkley5 That’s my point! Canelo and zurdo just cruised to defeats. Beterbiev will not do that. He will go out in his shield.

When callum sends beterviev to hell its gonna be another W from canelo that will age like wine😮‍💨.

@caoimhinagyarko Beterbiev is a level above Canelo in pressure fighting infighting and punching power. Smith would get KOd.

@BoxingMediaUk1 @Ovajay When Cruiser clears out he would have a great chance, don’t see Bivol moving away (except Canelo at 168) some great fights can still be made at 175 though ! Ramirez or Pampllone.

@TonyBellew U also said Smith would give Canelo a good fight how did that work out Smith just ran around the ring takeing a beating from the smaller man.

@RayJack97010720 And Canelo won 3 rounds, Rolly won 2 and Kambosos won maybe 2 in 2 fights 😂😂😂.

@marvgoathero Canelo is a great fighter for sure but for me it’s asking too much. It’s a credit to him that he wanted the challenge but he is just a bit small for it imo..

People now saying Canelo beats beterbiev 😂😂. He was getting beaten up by Bivol who is a wonderful boxer and obviously too big and good for him but not the scary monster beterbiev is. That would be Canelo’s first loss by KO. Weight classes matter!.

@buckleyisagod @McGregorRousey Canelo wants him in September, they are going for an easier match for May. Bivol won’t fight until then..

Beterbiev es un asesino, Bivol es más tibio le perdono el nocaut al canelo, pero aun así sería una de las mejores peleas del año.

@Naricesrotas Bueno yo pienso lo mismo desde que Bivol derroto a Canelo. Creo que el único que puede ganarle es Bivol y si puede ocurrir un KO es en favor de Beterbiev. Pienso que Bivol tendría las herramientas para ganarle con boxeo..

¿Das por hecho que Bivol le dará otra pela al Canelo? Concuerdo contigo..

@BoxingwithSpicy can Canelo use his legs all think Beterbiev is great but he has fought no one even close to Canelo skill wise. Canelo obviously the smaller matchup.

@boxingFctnewsop @MichaelBensonn Canelo is not going to take on either of these guys. They would fold him..


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Potentially stuck in a light-heavyweight merry go round now. Bivol Canelo needs to happen in May. Simple as that. It’s the money fight Bivol deserves and that way we get the undisputed fight in autumn. Unless Canelo sits it out for a year and fights DB/AB winner. Either or..

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