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bro do yall hear thugs voice on cartier gucci scarf?? OH MY GOD I CANNOT FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT MANNN.

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Cartier Gucci Scarf mdr ohlololo bande d’ignorants allez écouter Adebayor ou le lutin de Bruxelles ça c’est pour vous la populace, la basse cours, le petit peuple mdr la noblesse reconnaît les grand cru.

Il a fait son meilleur flow sur gucci cartier scarf pk il va pas plus souvent dans les voix grave.

Here’s a song for you… Cartier Gucci Scarf (feat. Lil Duke) by Young Thug.

whilst there is no denying this is the young thug album’s moment the title of best track actually goes to ‘cartier gucci scarf’ and no this is not negotiable.

Allez hop, voici la musique d’entrée de mon mariage :.

I’ve had a snippet of this song in my bookmarks for almost 2 years 😢.

Cartier Gucci Scarf beat so cold then these niggas got high and did some bullshit on it..

This track and Cartier Gucci scarf 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

this thug album so hard, when he turned on that retard spastic voice in cartier gucci scarf i lost brain cells in a good way.

Cartier Gucci Scarf the most sensational thing my ears have experienced in the history of my existence. The tears feel so good on my face. Thank you King Thugga.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Family Are ‘Safe’ After Plane Crash, After two athletes protested at the Pan American Games, Olympic demonstrations seem inevitable. But what form will they take, and what impact can they have? Cartier Gucci Scarf Big Tipper.

It wasn’t long ago everyone was killing rappers because we could barely understand what they were saying. Mumble rappers they called them. Now we bumping Cartier Gucci Scarf. I really wonder what changed. 🤷🏾‍♂️.

Young Thug with the Cookie Monster Flow on Cartier Gucci Scarf just closed 2019 for me..

I been waiting on the release of this Cartier Gucci scarf for so damn long I had the snippet on repeat.

bro do yall hear thugs voice on cartier gucci scarf?? OH MY GOD I CANNOT FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT MANNN.

young thug’s future impression on “cartier gucci scarf” > desiigners’ lol.

1. lil Baby 2. bad Bad bad 3. just how it is 4. I’m scared 5. Cartier Gucci scarf Top 5 songs on the album.

This nigga Lil Duke really sounding like Cookie Monster on Cartier Gucci Scarf 💀💀💀.

Young Thug - Cartier Gucci Scarf ft. Lil Duke (Official Audio).

Ion even fuck wit Thug but this shit 🔥🔥🔥 #NowPlaying Cartier Gucci Scarf (feat. Lil Duke) by Young Thug on @TIDAL.

#NowPlaying Cartier Gucci Scarf (feat. Lil Duke) by Young Thug on @TIDAL.

Why does Lil Duke sound like Cookie Monster if he was a rapper on Cartier Gucci Scarf? I mean I still fuck with it 😂.

when thug went with the harambe flow on cartier gucci scarf.

Cartier Gucci Scarf Photo

Cookie monster’s verse on Cartier Gucci scarf was the best on the album #SoMuchFun.

Mannequin Challenge and Cartier Gucci Scarf are now the top 2 songs of the year. Thank you..

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