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@JDCocchiarella …and the good news for today continues! His questioning of Ms. Cassidy’s credentials was immature and ridiculous. He doesn’t hold a candle to her! Good riddance! Bye-bye! 👋.

@Brandon39316596 @WilliamVancil The only thing Cassidy knows about a steering wheel is that her head bangs against it during oral..

My take on tonight’s primaries: OK is a disappointment, Illinois is about what we expected, NY made the right call with Zeldin, Cassidy losing is disappointing, CO absolutely made the right call with O’Dea, and UT is UT. Nebraska is weird, but not indicative of what’s to come..

@natsechobbyist Lost me on Cassidy. She’s MAGA who’s worked for Meadows and Ted Cruz. She said what she did 18 months after the fact under subpoena. Sorry. Hell yah, on the others..

@Heminator @KurtSchlichter Bull. If that were true they would be going under oath. Cassidy Hutchison is a legit witness. Trump is a crook..

Secret Service reportedly denies Cassidy Hutchinson’s Jan. 6 tale - - @washtimes.

A top aide to Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows is the witness for the Jan. 6 committee’s hearing, which was announced on Monday. via @HuffPostPol.

Meadows said the president was alone and didn’t want to be bothered..

Opinion: Cassidy Hutchinson is the witness America has been waiting for - CNN. God Bless her! Have you ever seen a 25 year old under this kind of spotlight and stress? She is poised and brave. #thankyoucassidyhutchinson.

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