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It’s looking like Ian will strike or graze my hometown of Tampa, perhaps as a monster. Knowing that it’s basically sea level…please leave if you can. If it turns out to be a Cat 3 and someone tells you not to “over-evacuate” ignore them and get the hell out of Dodge..

New NHC Track has once again shifted eastward. This puts the Tampa Bay Area very near the core of Cat 3 #Ian. Significant storm surge would occur on this several feet plus for much of the Bay Area. @wfla.

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Latest NHC update for Tropical Depression Nine has the possible, initial impacts to the central-south parts of the Florida Gulf Coast as a Cat 3. This system is constantly evolving & this path will adjust daily. For now, stay plugged in & prep so you can calmly execute your plan..

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NBC News
NBC News

BREAKING: Hurricane Ian strengthens into a major Cat. 3 storm as it makes landfall in Cuba..

🍥配信告知🍥 🐍ドラゴンクエストⅢ 🕓9/24(土) 23:30 今日はドラクエ3!エジンベアを探して徘徊する予定です!よろしくお願いします!!.

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Georg Philipp Telemann (Magdeburg, 14-3-1681 - Hamburg, 25-6-1767) [...]. Situat juntament amb J. S. Bach i G. H. Händel al cim de la música barroca alemanya. @Viquipedia 🔊 G. P. Telemann - Cello Sonata in D Major @AixetaInfo (full video):.

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Well dagnabbit I just looked at my weather app and we have a cat 3 hurricane on the way next week🤦‍♂️😽🐶😽🐓🐓🐓+🐓🐓.

In the line of fire 🔥 of a cat 3 direct hit. I’m actually so nervous lol.

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10 AM #Ian Update: winds down to 115 mph after crossing Cuba. Will strengthen into Cat. 4 storm with winds of 130 mph today, and then weaken to a Cat. 3 before landfall near Tampa, FL. Ian will slowly move north across FL. AL Impacts: some rain/wind Fri-Sun. #alwx @CBS_42.

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On my call with my boss is in Miami and she’s telling us the product will be ok coming from Columbia and I’m like “girl but how are you?” Cat 3 by Naples 👀.

🍥配信告知🍥 🐍ドラゴンクエストⅢ 🕓9/27(火) 23:30 今夜はドラクエ3をあそびます!行ってないところを回りながらレベル上げしたりしましょー! そろそろ転職の時期が来ているようですね!!.

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やっぱり、こういう変換ケーブル出てきちゃうわけで… なんだかなぁ_(:3」∠)_.

@tropicalupdate Hi, We’ve got major new stations acting like we’re having a cat 3 hitting us and then local not saying the same thing, what gives?.

Así entraba el huracán Ian () esta mañana por el oeste de Cuba con rachas de 250 km/h. Ahora seguirá su camino hacia Florida donde tocará tierra el jueves a las 6 h GMT..

@nowodle_cat 3 u have a cool demeanour to you so im slightly intimidated to interact 😭.

No surprise, the intensity has been bumped up to a Cat 3 at landfall in Florida. Those in the southern half of the state and all along the Gulf coast of the peninsula should prepare now for a landfalling major hurricane by the middle of next week..

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I suggest you check in multiple times a day over the next few days as details become a little bit clearer. - @WFLAamanda The latest forecast track on Tropical Depression Nine calls for a major Cat 3 hurricane to approach Florida next week. ….

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@dfgillie @IsobelGlenelg I think no 3 is the most relaxed Pallas cat I’ve ever seen.

Getting ready to go into the office like there isn’t a Cat 3 hurricane coming in two days. 🙃 (Not actually true. We have a plan for the office. But today is in person bc need to wrap things up/prepare to be out the rest of the week.).

Ian is now a hurricane, forecast to be Cat 3 soon. Watches, warnings for parts of Florida.

Seal surrenders, lonely alpaca makes a friend, chaotic cat pictures, rescued mountain lions, and more..

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Hurricane Ian made landfall in Cuba early this morning as a Cat 3 storm, it is now in the Gulf of Mexico and gaining intensity heading towards Florida, it is expected to hit the Tampa Bay area as a Cat 4 hurricane. Coastal areas are under a mandatory evacuation order. 🌀🌀🌀.

Good Morning it’s Tuesday Sep 27 🌀Ian Update: Major Cat 3 Hurricane: 125 mph winds ⏯ Rain from Ian Next Weekend? Forecast shows we might delay bulk of rain to Sunday. But still subject to change. 📝 7 Day Forecast.

Delighted that our redevelopment of the historic 49-51 Whitehall has just been successfully completed. The project involved a three storey 1,650 rear extension to provide an overall 14,000 of Cat A office space and 3,000 of prime retail space in Central London..

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@keith00096 3バックにされて2トップの足止められるの何回見せられるんですかね…。.

@oshi_cat 基本大です( ˇωˇ )1食は少なくて1日7食とか食べますヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ.

my cat has been awake since 3 am screaming at me like she desperately needs something and i literally think she’s mad that i got her a new water bowl and doesn’t want to drink out of it.

broward mfs when broward expects us to go to school during a cat 3 hurricane.

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@DaveOFox13 Coming ashore at Stump Pass as a weak Cat 3 quickly weakening to a 1 over Anybody else want to play the landfall game??.

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