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Depression can be difficult for people to understand if they haven’t experienced it. #ChadLovesMichelle

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Watching #chadlovesmichelle has been beyond stressful. It just wasn’t meant to be..

Michelle is constantly apologizing without apologizing for who she is. #ChadLovesMichelle.

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Told y’all. Most of the people commenting on this #ChadLovesMichelle situation, didn’t hear the whole story. Michelle keeps going back and forth. How would that make YOU feel? He asked her to marry him, and she keeps giving the ring back..

This is such an awkward and passive aggressive convo between chad & George. This is strange to witness #ChadLovesMichelle.

I don’t believe it’s ALL Pastor Chad’s fault. Let’s not pity Michelle. They both dodged bullets imo. Marrying someone you’re not compatible with sounds like a nightmare. #ChadLovesMichelle.

I agree with Chad about laying a solid foundation to have a successful marriage #ChadLovesMichelle.

@PastorCJ dont come 4 @TheJorgyPorgy NO MO OR U GONE GET JUMPED BY THE FANS #ChadLovesMichelle.

Chad said he might be a pastor but brah got him f’ed up if he think he gone check him. #ChadLovesMichelle.

I’m here for the bestfriend questioning Chad. Clearly it was needed #ChadLovesMichelle.

Im glad she left. Seek self healing befor3 anything else in front of u #ChadLovesMichelle.

“I want Chad to see me as his Not his child, his employee, or someone he’s ” #ChadLovesMichelle.

He said ” I don’t know if I’m more ready to clear the air or to eat “ ... A MOOD! #ChadLovesMichelle.

Chad says he saved up for the wedding ring for 11 years. But yet he can’t set a date for the wedding. He’s not ready. #ChadLovesMichelle.

“I love you and I fear that we won’t make it because I’ll get too tired of trying to be something that I’m fear that you have a fantasy of what you want, and I won’t be good enough for you.”- Michelle, in couples counseling. #ChadLovesMichelle.

I don’t think that this is appropriate. I would NEVER approve my friend to speak to my fiancée about our issues. Never. #ChadLovesMichelle.

“By the end of the year, I’d like to be married.” If you have to pressure a man to set a date to marry you, he ain’t the man you should want to marry. Chile, I’m so glad she dodged this bullet!!! #ChadLovesMichelle.

Chad isn’t telling you that you are good enough, YOU are telling you that. And he can’t do anything to change that. It’s a form of manipulation and it isn’t fair. #ChadLovesMichelle.

I don’t believe shit Chad says & I was really only on board because Tenitra liked him. He constantly gaslights her & I never really liked him. Wtf did he propose for if he didn’t wanna get married? I’m really hot about it, actually. Cuz she deserves to be happy #ChadLovesMichelle.

This isn’t very truthful. Michelle gave that man the ring back twice. And on the last time, he then said he wouldn’t set another wedding date. Why erase your role, Michelle? #ChadLovesMichelle.

@Wifehood @OWNTV Her insecurities have gotten the best of her yet her honesty is needed #ChadLovesMichelle.

Michelle sabotaged her own relationship. It wasn’t just OUR comments #ChadLovesMichelle.

Chad has just as many issues as Michelle. Believe that. He needs therapy. Off camera. #ChadLovesMichelle.

We’re not relationship experts or love coaches, we just want relationships to win! We’re grateful for all of you following our journey of love. ❤️ Watch a NEW episode of #ChadLovesMichelle this Saturday at 9|8c on @OWNTV!.

Wedding planning can be A LOT! 🥂 Watch ALL-NEW episodes of #ChadLovesMichelle every Saturday at 9/8c on @OWNTV!.

Depression can be difficult for people to understand if they haven’t experienced it. #ChadLovesMichelle.

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