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What a hill on which to die. Electronics manufacturers agreeing on a standard charger is a fine idea. UK should adopt this EU initiative. Imagine every white appliance insisting on its own branded socket. Most households have a drawer full of defunct chargers - plastic waste..

ARMY TROOPS INTERCEPT EXPLOSIVES AMMUNITION IN CROSS RIVER A thorough search conducted on the vehicle revealed it was conveying 72 IED chargers, 121 Dynamite Liquid, 200 rounds of mm (NATO) & 82 rounds of mm (Special) ammunition. Other items are military uniforms & kits.

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Jacob rees Mogg in parliament railing against EU requiring companies like apple not to make you buy multiple chargers for phones and iPads. That’s his brexit bonus. Being forced to buy multiple cables and carry them round….🤷‍♀️ What a waste of parliamentary time to do.

Congratulations to LA Chargers’ DE Morgan Fox’s Winston winning dog at the Westminster best of the show. My Winston is injured and needs to be in a splint for 6-8 weeks - please send some love for my Winston.

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Satechi Summer Sale takes up to 75% off aluminum USB-C hubs, chargers, more from $10 by @rikkaaltland.

@Haggis_UK Does he really think people are going to make a variety of chargers, just for the UK?.

So awesome. Looking forward to the Chargers Navy helmets, the Bills red helmets, the Seahawks silver helmets and throwbacks, the Bucs and Oilers/Titans white throwbacks and helmets, and the Broncos powder blue helmets..

To the end of my days I will always find it amusing that people who refused to wear masks to save lives because it violated their personal freedom signed away their freedom of movement to escape the EU tyranny on phone chargers..

TOP 10 O-LINES: 1. Eagles 2. Browns 3. Chiefs 4. Lions 5. Colts 6. Patriots 7. Cowboys 8. Buccaneers 9. Chargers 10. Bengals HM: 49ers, Ravens What would you change?.

@HamlerMileHigh This is actually a good ass list imo, the only things I would consider changing, would be swapping Chargers and Chiefs for WR’s, and Chiefs and Raiders for Safeties. I see the thought process behind them though, Chiefs have a lot more WR depth, although Chargers have more talent.

RECAP 6/22 Chatter: $MO - FDA Ends JUUL $NEWR + Jana $TTD + $AMZN UID2 $KSS - $FRG Lower bid $WBX + Nissan home chargers $NKLA - Nilton Wire Fraud $ABT - Infant formula death $TSLA - New Factories losing Billions Live Breaking trading news.

I wanna rob a house but instead stealing anything of value I just wanna steal phone chargers just to be an inconvenience to people.

@Otto_English The UK will get the phone chargers they are given. Our days of calling the shots are over, largely down to that posh clown and his idiotic decisions 😎.

@andywigmore You won Wiggy get over it. Looking forward to those Brexit dividends and 🇬🇧 iPhone chargers. Great times.

@13sarahmurphy I think we are not going far enough in our embrace of the Brexit opportunities Why on earth not specify our own unique UK chargers for mobile phones and stand proudly for GLOBAL BRITAIN Remember they - not just the EU but the world - need us more than we need them Rule Britannia.

@Chargers_Zone Yeah Chiefs and Raiders safeties are interchangeable but for receivers I see you guys flaming your WR core’s depth even tho they’re more experienced than KC’s.

@Sanjit__T @PFF Hold on, I think one of these is the brake up vs the chargers in the fake punt, but the other one?.

@LAcarddude I kinda had a cheat code. I ran the front door of nightclubs in Vegas from 07-13, so at different points spent actual time with Floyd, Paul Pierce, D Wade, LeBron, Chargers linebackers, Ty Lue, Charles Oakley, Dirk, Sidney Crosby… as a sports fan, it was amazing!.

@i3Roadtrip It happens here, all the time. They think they own the chargers. It is absurd. PHEVs are the dumbest invention mankind has come up with for vehicles. It would be like a fleet of BEVs blocking gas pumps so no one can get gas. Yet PHEV drivers don’t think they do anything wrong..

CT do Chargers na era Brandon Staley!.

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Ep 403: He Can’t Stop Merging There are new betas, new chargers and new versions of iWork apps out this week. Beyond covering those items, the guys talk about WeatherKit and calculate updated Hackett Numbers..


oh man, even with the Patriot hiking the football helmet? That was prob my all time #2 uniform to the Chargers baby blue.

@ComicPrintingUK Yeah… because the EU getting rid of propriety chargers and forcing companies to have easily accessible, universal charging ports is anti-consumer. You can tell he’s never had to buy a new lighting cable… 😒.

HT Auto
HT Auto

.@Jiobpofficial has tied up with #NexusMalls group to set up EV fast chargers at its commercial spaces across 13 cities in India in coming days..

@ricardoautobahn Why are they so intent on ruining the climate & making everybody have a drawer where they keep an untidy tangle of unnecessary chargers?.

Absolutely. I love trying to cram a massive bag of assorted cables and chargers into my suitcase whenever I travel somewhere..

@nintendomad888 We all love to live in this our Britain, to look at a picture of a Spitfire hanging above the drawers we have that are just chock full of slightly different phone chargers.

@OnePlusElites Karan Arjun aa gaye 😝😜🤪😂 @OnePlusElites 2 Car chargers.

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Guys normalize having your own charger 😂 This tweet is not about chargers😁 Otherwise many chargers may destroy the charging port😅.

@Stoddart2Peter @ukcivilservant It’s more likely to be imported and non CE marked batteries and chargers that are problematic. Attempted enforcement against an eBay (or similar) seller based overseas is often a case of being on a hiding to nothing..

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