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Charlie Kirk’s is entirely dedicated to intellectual mediocrity. He preys on the cognitively bankrupt elements of our society..

@GreggFavre We don’t have to prove anything to Charlie Kirk. He along with Ginni Thomas provided buses for the insurrection..

@IngrahamAngle Writing a book expressing how fragile your sensibilities are isn’t the flex Charlie Kirk thinks it is!😂😂😂.

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#CharlieKirk Rails Against Government, Claims ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ of Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage.

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@JasonSCampbell Ticks don’t bother me on people but I believe Charlie Kirk’s ticks are caused from the lizard person inside of him. He’s guilty until proven innocent. He’s going to have to prove he’s fully human by letting us open him up like the frog I dissected in science class..

Is Charlie Kirk literally turning into a muppet? And what in the name of Hell is happening with the left side of his face? Is this a side effect of being an evil SOB? Or just cocaine? I am just asking questions..

@JasonSCampbell Charlie Kirk is trying to throw the scent off his reptilian overlord, who also controls the orange puppet..


@charliekirk11 Charlie Kirk has inside info that Russia sabotaged it. Just kidding, nobody of any importance would ever talk to that dink..

@Minuteman04 I think Charlie Kirk is more of a mini-Rush Limbaugh who’s willing to say or do anything if he can make money from it..

@AlexCastagnoIRL @cooltxchick I wouldn’t really expect someone who retweets Charlie Kirk to understand though.

@solomonmissouri @darth Are they though? I’ve always suspected that if Charlie Kirk turned around, Ben Shapiro would be attached to his back..

Just got on Twitter and Christian Nationalist, Alito, JD Vance, and Charlie Kirk are trending. Is it safe to enter?.

The CHARLIE KIRK SHOW is on WSJS. Charlie has appeared on CNBC, Fox News and FOX Business News over 600 times. NEXT. Don’t miss it. @charliekirk11.

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