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Back-to-back jacks by Schwarbs and KB. 8-4 Cubs! Wooooooooo!!!!!! #CHCvsWSH #GoCubsGo.

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The entire Nationals team will be sent down to Triple A tomorrow 😂😂😂 Go Cubs #CHCvsWSH.

How great would it be if Davey Martinez could still enjoy this as the #Cubs bench coach? #CHCvsWSH.

Cubs 10 - Rest of NL Central lost, Brewers whipped,. Cardinals losing. Nice! #CHCvsWSH.

It seems when KB is hot the Cubs offense rocks some runs as a team. Maybe an illusion but KB is hot #CHCvsWSH.

All you Bryant naysayers. Where are you now, huh??? GET OFF THE BANDWAGON #CHCvsWSH.

Schwarber on the 13th pitch, Bryant on the very next pitch. Pitching change, anyone? #CHCvsWSH.

Back-to-back jacks by Schwarbs and KB. 8-4 Cubs! Wooooooooo!!!!!! #CHCvsWSH #GoCubsGo.

2 observations: The Nats are not very good. And Chicago fans travel well. #CHCvsWSH.

I want to see this end with Cubs winning. The rest of NL Central lost or are in the process of losing. Would work well for Cubbies but right now although ahead, would feel better when they win. #CHCvsWSH.

Can we all just agree that CEJ and Kintzler should go pitch elsewhere? #fuckingGarbage #CHCvsWSH.

From now on I refuse to even acknowledge that bum of a pitcher’s existence. How do you not even throw a pitch and give up a run?? #Cubs just need to get rid of his ass in a hurry. #CHCvsWSH.

Edwards seems to be lacking confidence and cannot get any consistency #CHCvsWSH.

Addison Russell hit that ball pretty well. I guess the ball didn’t listen. #CHCvsWSH.

Same crap. Cubs can’t seem to finish a game. Leaving men on base every game. Why not bunt the ball rather than swinging for the yard every time? Pitiful players#CHCvsWSH.

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