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I’m leaving for a school thing so I probably won’t be checking my phone very often after this next hour until 6 PM PST so if I don’t reply that’s why, have a good day/night everyone

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Checking on Twitter

PicklePants ()

Thank you to my close circle who have been consistently checking in on me, I honestly really appreciate it.

lilly k
Lilly k ()

@VIVSOOT hi I’m real! I’m playing hayday, talking to friends, and checking Twitter with my dog mori!

I’m falling for Zenrii even more
I’m falling for Zenrii even more ()

I’m leaving for a school thing so I probably won’t be checking my phone very often after this next hour until 6 PM PST so if I don’t reply that’s why, have a good day/night everyone


@waynegemmell That’s true, I’m even checking the replies from women, it’s all justification which obviously points to the guys

Dhanya Dance
Dhanya Dance ()

@KuttyVaradhu @ramaaiyer Puppy also deserves the best for sending puppy videos 🥰 and for checking on peeps when they’re low. Also, for being a March born like another lovely person 😌♥️

Lezco ()

@K1ll3r_X_LM10 @ShotgunFarmers Dam bro I could just be reading that message wrong but the kid at the end made it sound so aggressive I was only double checking

Too obsessed with politics
Too obsessed with politics ()

You could always try checking the bag before you leave. 🤷‍♂️

Rhonda Co
Rhonda Co ()

@Aaronlewismusic @Heritagecbd My non smoking friend kept saying someone smelled like weed while we were sitting in a restaurant. After a lot of checking things out, turns out it was my Heritage CBD hand sanitizer! ❤️✌🏼

Madalena S Zampaulo
Madalena S Zampaulo ()

@Bentranslates Yes! I was just posting that comment on this thread, too. On my end, there are still some things not working, but not a big deal for now. Thanks for checking!

Proud American Once Again🇺🇸
Proud American Once Again🇺🇸 ()

@MaureennKelly I had to keep checking before I went down lanes so I wouldn’t encounter them lol. NY supermarkets are not very large as you probably know so I had to keep circling to avoid them. It’s was 1 of those I can’t do anything right situations. Normally I help people out. Not these 2🤣

E. ()

@thaarealkashhh_ right😂😂😂i think they be hacking tho bc it be on they page 3 times a day everyday , who is checking it that much😒😂

Gloryglory ()

@atensnut Obama and of course Dr Fouci at Wouhan laboratories in China back in 2015. Checking the development of the COVID 19

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Kristen Marie
Kristen Marie ()

Honestly, this film was just so much fun to watch. Definitely recommend checking it out!

Ajit George
Ajit George ()

@dreamwisp Thank you! Very proud of what I created here and I hope people love it as much as I do. And woa, my coauthors are amazing and wrote such good, good stuff! : Looking forward to checking out your adventure in Candlekeep! Was so impressed by what I saw you say about it. <3

NaynaLisaMarie 🌻
NaynaLisaMarie 🌻 ()

@Frauddulent @POTUS Such a sore loser. Do some fact checking. You sound foolish. 😷🇺🇸💙

Amnesiac ()

addicted to checking how much money i keep losing each hour, genuinely having fun with it

Michelle Osterlund
Michelle Osterlund ()

Physiatry Fam: Does anyone have a single copy of the American Journal of PM&R Dec 2020 that they could mail to me? I will reimburse you postage. It looks like you for checking!

Checking Photo,Checking Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Katieミ☆ ()



Love checking my email to find people respect the link in bio to book consultations ♥️

SpunkyStrings® ()

@erikmouthaanRTL Onvoorstelbaar foute tweet. Fact-checking: -hoeveel van hen werden “getest”? -gehanteerde Ct value? -werd tegelijkertijd bloedtest afgenomen voor uitsluiting bacteriële infectie of ander virus? -hadden ze onderliggende aandoeningen? Als u deze info niet kan geven, schreef u BS.

Vince Kakooza
Vince Kakooza ()

@Jadwong is one of a kind. Brilliant gentleman I celebrate 🥂 He did a gr8 job in fact checking the images circulated by @NRMOnline influencers some of which were posting images from 2016 elections, as 2020 events during the early campaign seasons.

Tom Elwin
Tom Elwin ()

Checking out ‘Moulin Rouge’ (the Film) for the first time since I saw it in the cinema around 2001. Twenty years has it aged well I wonder?

SLM ()

I feel like a child waiting for UPS to deliver my package, like when you tell your siblings you sent them something and they keep checking the door 😅

Marco ()

@BrK_The_Matrix Hi, I completely understand you, I did the same a few times. It brings a lot of piece in your mind. I notice also with me I am only reading checking tweets. It is time to do thé same too for me soon. Bring yourself more in balance. Loves Marco

Michael Barney
Michael Barney ()

@GrantBrisbee Surprised seeing $ deducted from my checking account this morning. No warning, no thank you. Just spent. Kind of sucks. I would like renewal to be my choice.

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