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Chris Rock just said that the Democrats ‘Let the pandemic come in’ while pushing impeachment. I 100% agree with this. 👏🏻

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Adam Milstein
Adam Milstein ()

Chris Rock slams Pelosi and Dems for obsessing over impeachment and Trump whole #COVID19 Escalates

Shelby 🇺🇸
Shelby 🇺🇸 ()

Chris Rock Unloads On Democrats, Blames Them For COVID Outbreak In the US #PrideFamily #PrideNews1

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TheQuartering ()

🚨New Video! Please Share🚨 Chris Rock BLASTS Nancy Pelosi & Democrats Over Obsessing On Impeachment Instead Of Responding To Coronavirus He Also Said Donald Trump Is A 5 Year Old :) 🔥Watch & Share!🔥

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Hyster ()

..... Yeah time to log off awhile. Disdain for MAGATs has nothing to do with their education level and everything to do with their callous behavior and racism. Chris Rock and the New York Times can eat a bowl of shit.

Isaac Chotiner
Isaac Chotiner ()

And it’s Chris Rock, with the worst take of the week.

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Brian Willie Eetmioutt
Brian Willie Eetmioutt ()

Good morning. Like I always said, Chris Rock isn’t for black people or anyone. The man got on national television and delivered jokes putting down a black woman in front of a mostly white audience. The man is Stop supporting these dumbass black male entertainers. Thank you

Omg?? ()

who asked chris rock about politics and thought they would get a logical

Duncan McKay
Duncan McKay ()

Gem of a line from Chris Rock in a really engaging interview. Fargo Season 4 looks great.

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Nik ()

Chris Rock: the democrats should have stepped up more to protect us since the republican president is a child Republicans: this is a major celebrity endorsement win for us

Stoner Simpson
Stoner Simpson ()

Chris Rock cool with a white man saying nigger (to his face), Jimmy Fallon black-face is cool and then he blamed the left for letting corona get this bad, next is that Trump I see why everybody hate Chris

Upstate NY Dude 🇺🇸
Upstate NY Dude 🇺🇸 ()

Chris Rock blaming dems impeachment hoax for corona outbreak in America? Better be careful, Chris. Dems hate when blacks run off their plantation.

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Shawn #BlackTechieLivesMatter
Shawn #BlackTechieLivesMatter ()

@claycane Chris Rock like Terry Crews put their foot in their mouth about politics. Its best for these guys to stick to entertainment because they are woefully misinformed and ignorant about politics. Are they trying to protect their tax cuts is my question?

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Brooklyn ()

I can’t wait till trump tweet quotes Chris Rock to defend himself. It’s fun watching all these MAGA people praising Rock right now even though they know he HATES them.

Blunt View.
Blunt View. ()

I remember Chris Rock making a joke about how no one wants to be black and I think the the Rachel Dolezal’s of the world and I just

Billy Kelly
Billy Kelly ()

Welp, it took 55 years but Chris Rock finally said something dumb that makes no sense.

Neil ()

looked at why Chris Rock was trending and of course its cuz ppl in media run away with a small sample of an interview -_-

Lynnette Onorius Rae
Lynnette Onorius Rae ()

@DonaldJTrumpJr Yes, thnx Chris Rock for reminding us that DEMS kept pushing forward w/their knowingly, blatant LIES in pursuit of, yet ANOTHER HOAX, trying to Impeach KNEW ALL ALONG THAT STEELE DOSSIER WAS CONTRIVED, PAID BY HILLARY and OBTAINED ILLEGALLY BY THEIR LIES FOR

Reasoning Conspiracy
Reasoning Conspiracy ()

Chris Rock criticizes House Democrats for caring about fake impeachment while ignoring virus pandemic

Felicity Anti-Racist Newman
Felicity Anti-Racist Newman ()

@realTuckFrumper Chris Rock and Kid Rock are both dumb as rocks. Or dumb and dumber, when it comes to rocks, many people are saying.

don storms
Don storms ()

Chris Rock: Democrats ‘Let the Pandemic Come In‘ While Pushing Impeachment via @BreitbartNews

Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins ()

This confirms that Republicans are TOO FUCKING STUPID to multi-task. We desperately need an administration with experience.

De Omnibus Dubitandum
De Omnibus Dubitandum ()

@ACTBrigitte SNL has not been any good since Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and David spade left!

Chris rock is your average house nigger and don’t no shit but what master tell

Nels & Athena
Nels & Athena ()

Chris Rock blames Pelosi and Dems for coronavirus spread because they were too busy trying to impeach Trump


Chris Rock just basically told everyone that if a black person isn’t an entertainer of some kind the other ethnicities wont respect you. Which is 100% true.

Alexandra Durso
Alexandra Durso ()

Anybody has seen the list of black millionaires and also Trump haters? Oprah, JayZ, Beyoncé, Tyra Banks, Steve Harvey, Dr Dre, Chris Rock, Will Smith, Snoop Dog, Samuel Jackson, still white privilege?? WTFOH!!!!

MinniesDad ()

Hollywood morons like Chris Rock are good at criticizing anyone including Trump; but tell me one thing. Other than having money, they have failed to prove they have brains to think on their own. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

CaroCrespo 💙🌊 #BidenHarris2020 #TeamJoe💙🌊
CaroCrespo 💙🌊 #BidenHarris2020 #TeamJoe💙🌊 ()

Well I’ll be damn!! Was Chris Rock the only person at Pelosi’s presidential inauguration? Because I sure af missed it.

Ryan Fournier
Ryan Fournier ()

Chris Rock just said that the Democrats ‘Let the pandemic come in’ while pushing impeachment. I 100% agree with this. 👏🏻

Breitbart News
Breitbart News ()

“It was totally up to Pelosi and the Democrats. Their thing was, ‘We’re going to get him impeached,’ which was never going to happen. You let the pandemic come in.

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