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The Buffalo shooting is at least the 5th attack motivated by a racist conspiracy theory that whites are being replaced by non-whites, after attacks by white-power terrorists in Christchurch, Pittsburgh, El Paso, and Poway.

Investigators believe the gunman may have been streaming the shooting through a camera affixed to his video showed the gunman, dressed in military gear Just like the Christchurch mass shooter in New Zealand. I wonder what ties the shooter has to the police?.

I feel awful for everyone working as a moderator for a social media company today. I worked at Facebook when the Christchurch shooting was live streamed, and we were forced to watch the video over and over again PER POLICY. I still have nightmares. They have no one there to help..

There had been mass shooting explicitly in the name of the “white replacement” theory before Tucker went all in on it (Christchurch) and we ALL knew there would be more once he and Fox took up the terrorist mantle. Why on earth are men like him not behind bars?.

@anonymous_und @YourRAGEz The Christchurch shooter motivated this person to do this. Who the fuck else thinks, “I’m gonna shoot people and stream it?”.

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