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Oh hi. Cameron here. Hope you’re having a good V-Day. #Cinderbrush

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Caroline, composed of To-Do lists ()

@matthewmercer So many glorious moments, loved the characters and the chemistry and the magic. Hope we get to go back to Cinderbrush sometime! Running new rules is difficult, I can only imagine the stress of doing it for a huge audience and with high expectations! Love from the mods!

Giga!bite ()

I made the doodle in between break and god I love him GIMME MORE CINDERBRUSH #cinderbrush #CriticalRole

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Anselina Israel🍓🦊 @THESIS ()

g o d i need a whole series of #Cinderbrush thank you @agbeardsley for making Af they mean a ridiculous amount to me that they exist😭❤️

Caty 💕 ()

#cinderbrush #criticalrole Someone needs to make a Cinderbrush PD TikTok RIGHT THIS MINUTE 😂😂

Heyguysitsliv ()

* @matthewmercer and the gang in a creative meeting * Matt: Okay guys, how much do you think teenagers swear? Ashley Johnson: Uh, a lot? Matt: You’re goddamn fucking shitting fucking bitching right they do. #Cinderbrush

Kat 🙏 Job Hunting ()

#Cinderbrush CSU tik tok is just a bored intern candidly filming boomer cops in their natural habitat and talking like Steve Irwin. It goes viral

Busy ()

#cinderbrush is so amazing i’m losing my mind. writing my own monster themed teenage angst while dying of laughter/suspense. happy valentine’s day indeed.

ShieldBoi ()

@agbeardsley Hey, I never saw you in content till #cinderbrush but I just had to tweet you to say how amazing you were with Af! Every line you had was just perfect and it was such a fun character. I would love to see you on more @CriticalRole content in the future. Awesome job!

Kaleigh ()

@Marisha_Ray pretty pls show us ur frequently used emojis! currently watching #cinderbrush and their use of emojis has me curious about yours

Deramin ()

#CriticalRole #Cinderbrush Matt: You thought they were casting a spell, but they were pulling a gun. Ally: 😱

Green Apple ()

After taz amnesty ended I forgot how AMAZING the powered by the apocalypse system is #criticalrole #cinderbrush

Leah Knibbe💜🖤 ()

I wish failure gave experience in real life. I would be unstoppable by now. #CriticalRole #cinderbrush

Ashley Johnson ()

Oh hi. Cameron here. Hope you’re having a good V-Day. #Cinderbrush

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Spirit Chrysalis ()

Me: Wow, Tal knows a lot about drugs. Not a surprise, though. Jamie: Wow, I know too much about drugs. #Cinderbrush #CriticalRole

Spirit Chrysalis ()

OH NOOOO, Cameron forgot he also invited Amy Reyes! Aahahahaha #Cinderbrush #CriticalRole

Queen of the Shadowbanned ()

Sasha makes us all melt like butter JAMIE IDK IF SASHA KNOWS WHAT GENTLE IS #Crmonsterhearts #cinderbrush

Ser T, Champion of Ferelden and Cat Mom ()

I just realized Taliesin is kind of channeling an 80s-but-modernized Boy George look for this, and I dig it. #Cinderbrush

Caroline, composed of To-Do lists ()

... @matthewmercer running commentary is the best. #Cinderbrush #CRMonsterhearts

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Damian Duvain, acolyte of the Traveller ()

my fav twitch chat from the evening #CriticalRole #Cinderbrush

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Michelle! 🕊🍃 ()

general content warning for recreational drug use btw, also alcohol #Cinderbrush #CriticalRoleSpoilers

Caroline, composed of To-Do lists ()

...hmm I wonder who helps write the commands. ;) (ModSquaaaaad) #Cinderbrush #CRMonsterhearts

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Michelle Alexandra ()

I want @erikaishii that I am torn, but I am going to watch #LAbyNight, but dang gurl you look baller on #cinderbrush.

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Sainte Mayari 🌙 ()

Cinderbrush High: We Are All Powerful, Angsty, Gay Disasters (Including Me, The Viewer) #Cinderbrush #CriticalRole

🌹❄️FEYBAE🌙🌲 ()

#cinderbrush Jamie was def the kid I WANTED to be, but I was not that cool or connected lol I dressed like that but I sat in the back of class and doodled in my notebook and talked about anime

Zach Sharp ()

@Marisha_Ray the production for this #cinderbrush one shot is top notch! Any chance there was any behind the scenes on making such a beautiful set. Honestly any set @CriticalRole does is jaw dropping I am just very fascinated in the making of. Keep up the phenomenal work!!!

Saer 🖤 ()

*GROUP CHAT FORMS* What is the title of this chat??? What do they put as nicknames for each other? Do their names have emojis in them????? IMPORTANT GROUP CHAT QUESTIONS #CinderBrush

Leah Knibbe💜🖤 ()

Dear Taliesin, How to pull off wearing spider broaches in my extremely conservative office? Please, thank you. #CriticalRole #cinderbrush

Tristan Knight ()

Make it look like a stampede. My gods, @executivegoth. The hells, man? :D #Cinderbrush #CriticalRole

Marisha Ray ()

Behind-the-Scenes Marisha here to tell you we’re 30 minutes out from #Monsterhearts!! Grab your drinks, grab your chocolate, grab your plushies!! We’re going to Cinderbrush High.

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Critical Role ()

MERCH ALERT! Take a little piece of Cinderbrush with you everywhere you this new sticker celebrating our Cinderbrush: A Monsterhearts Story one-shot is available now in our US and UK web stores!

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