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@ClawsTNT finale was so wild! Hope you all enjoyed it! #ClawsTNT.

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I would’ve done the same thing Ann did I’m sorry my wife was killed while I’m carrying a baby and then you wanted me to give my brother up .. oh nah #ClawsTNT.

This writing team is #ClawsTNT 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

Ummm I’m feelin super nervous about Ann! What is she up to???? #ClawsTNT @ClawsTNT.

Idk what I’ll do Sunday nights now season 4 of claws please hurry up @ClawsTNT #ClawsTNT.

@ClawsTNT finale was so wild! Hope you all enjoyed it! #ClawsTNT.

I keep telling y’#ClawsTNT 💅🏾 is TRILL! 💯.

I can’t believe the show ended like this. What’s going to happen now 😭😭😭😭??!! #ClawsTNT.

@ClawsTNT @carriepreston It was so so good I was glued to the tv every Sunday night watching it my favorite show I’ve watched yet! SO GOOD LOVE IT GIRLS 🔥.

Omg I’m screaming at my tv while watching @ClawsTNT 😐😓😭😭😭😭 come baaaaack Roller!!!!! #ClawsTNT #Claws.

They kept playin’ with Ann and she got in their asses! 💯 #ClawsTNT.

Finally #ClawsTNT on the west coast! It’s the finale and I’m sad 😞 about that..

Claws: Season 3, Episode 10 Finna [Season Finale] - Recap, Review (with Spoilers) #ClawsTNT #ClawsUp.

Desna out here catching cop bodies for some Caucasian penis. Jesus be a fence. #ClawsTNT.

Lmao what hair they found on Clint from Dez? Like just burn the wig, #ClawsTNT.

Dang. Now we gotta wait until JUNE 2020 for Season 4 of #ClawsTNT! Ugh. Don’t know if I can wait that long! 😢😭.

Burn Baby Burn 🔥🔥🔥 Quiet Ann burn the casino @ClawsTNT #cLawsUp #ClawsTNT.

Desna, Dean is a grown A&$ Man. He doesn’t need you like you think & want him too. Live your life! #ClawsTNT.

Quiet Ann’s ass haven’t talked in 3 damn seasons, but done cause so much shit in the last few episodes. I liked her better when she was queit. I don’t like this spill the tea Ann we see this season. She’s reckless, revengeful, mad, and hormonal. IJS.🤷🏾‍♀️. #ClawsTNT.

I knew Ann was up to something, but she surpassed what I was expecting. Way to go Ann! Bring Desna back to reality. @itisIjudyreyes #ClawsTNT.

This was the best season. My guilty pleasure #clawstnt did not fail to entertain all season. #niecynash.

So Dean disappointed in Virgina for wanting space but not mad how u put a game and two evil individuals before the ppl who love u 🤔. make it make sense #ClawsTNT.

@tntdrama and whoever needs to hear this #ClawsTNT needs to be renewed. And if season 4 is the end send Roller and Desna off into the sunset..

@EmilySilver29 @ClawsTNT Ms. Silver, Y’all did a kick ass job as-per-usual! Hope y’all take all the Emmys and I WILL be watching next season😉.

#ClawsTNT #cLawsUp Major Question: When Mac and Melba died, did Dean end up inheriting anything from them property or money-wise? He is their legal son right?.

Quiet Ann stupid ass left her lighter in the casino as it burned. If that’s not destroyed they can possibly find prints on it. #ClawsTNT.

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