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The New York Yankees are now 28-9. They’ve won 21 of their last 24. This team is absurd. Clay Holmes is my closer..

Clay Holmes closes out the White Sox, 7-5. That’s 21 straight scoreless innings for Holmes. Should be the closer..

#Yankees take a 3-2 lead to the bottom of the ninth inning. Clay Holmes will be assigned to protect it..

Clay Holmes has now gotten 3 GIDPs in 7 DP opportunities (43%). The MLB avg DP% rate is 10%..

Aaron Boone on Clay Holmes: “He’s got the best sinker in the world. Simple as that.”.

Clay Holmes threw 13 pitches so Aaron Boone just decided to bring in his wildly erratic closer in a tied game against a bunch of righties at the top of the lineup. Makes total sense..

@TalkinYanks No one can say chapman belongs in the MLB im so sorry, and im not hearing “how well he has been this year” clay Holmes would put up those stats just fine without walking half the lineup and knowing where the zone is.

Hoy Park currently has a 96 wRC+ on the Pirates AAA team and Clay Holmes is the second coming of 2016 Zack Britton. It’s uncanny.

I can’t believe “Bo Bichette” is one of the two players who have hit a home run against Clay Holmes.

Clay Holmes… what an absolute monster weapon that no one ever could have predicted would be as dominant as he is.

Only 2 players have hit a home run against Clay Holmes since he’s a Yankees player 1- Alejandro Kirk on September 7th of 2021 2- Bo Bichette on September 29th of 2021.

Yankees fans across the world cried their eyes out when Hoy Park was traded for Clay Holmes. Here’s an update.

Clay Holmes Photo,Clay Holmes Photo by 4 Train Savages,4 Train Savages on twitter tweets Clay Holmes Photo

He got out of the jam in the end but there is no way a team with Clay Holmes and Micheal King should be using Chapman as the closer in the playoffs.

Yankees win over the Blue Jays 5-3 to sweep the 2 game set. Yankees are now 22-8 on the season. Great pitching and a big day from Gleyber Torres get the Yanks the W. Top Players: Gleyber Torres: 2-4, HR, 5 RBI Clay Holmes: IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 BB, 1 K.

Personally, I would’ve kept in Clay Holmes since the game was tied. If the Yankees took the lead in the 9th I would agree to bring in Chapman to close it out. Not a huge fan of bringing in Chapman in a tie game given his command issues, and that point was proven tonight.

@TalkinYanks I genuinely can’t wait until Chapman is off of this team and Clay Holmes is in the closing role..

Tenemos a Michael King y Clay Holmes para la temporada que viene esos cuartos se lo guardamos al juez y Benintendi en 2023..

The Yanks got Clay Holmes for a bag of trash can liners and some pocket lint. Incredible..

Clay Holmes from the right side is a lot like prime Zack Britton from the left side. Crazy they could both be in the same bullpen come September..

I’ll give credit where credit is due, Clay Holmes was absolutely fantastic addition by Cashman.

What a find clay Holmes was, he has been lights out with the yankees, he appears to be the the pitcher that will replace Chapman if need be at the moment.

Didn’t get to watch the game today, but another great win. Nestor battled, grand slam by LeMahieu, and Clay Holmes is just stupid good..

Vote for the #NYYST #Yankees Player of the Game for 5/21. DJ LeMahieu: 1-4, HR, 4 RBI Clay Holmes: IP, 0 ER, 2 Ks.

Blue Jays 2 (Batting: #37 Teoscar Hernandez) Yankees 5 (Pitching: #35 Clay Holmes) Top of 8th, 0 Out, No one on.

Why does no one talk about the FACT that Clay Holmes has been one of the best relievers in baseball since being traded to the Yankees? IP 49 Ks ERA WHIP SO/BB.

Clay Holmes 16 G, IP, 15 SO, ERA, WHIP Diego Castello 25 G, 85 PA, 80 AB, 2 HR, 6 RBI .238/.271/.338 || .609 OPS Hoy Park (MLB) 5 G, 15 PA, 14 AB, 0 HR, 2 RBI .214/.267/.286 || .553 OPS Hoy Park (AAA) 11 G, 46 PA, 36 AB, 1 HR, 5 RBI .222/.391/.306 || .697 OPS.

@RMarinaccioRBW No shot u think Chapman is better at preventing runs than Clay Holmes?.

Ya’ll get too easily fooled by his stat line this szn…but Chapman has been ass, Clay Holmes should be the closer of this team.

Clay Holmes should be our closer until Chapman gets his shit together. 28 - 9 Impressive #RepBX.

For being a “groundball” pitcher, Clay Holmes is very overpowering and strikes a lot of batters out..

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