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It’s the Last Word with Coach O before the Tigers take on Florida!.

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신속진행 빠른입금 시크릿티켓 【 O1O-4412-2369 】 카카오톡 : 번호저장후 친추 conclude 휴대폰소액결제 raise 소액결제정책 baby 모바일소액결제 degrade 현금화 horizon 아이폰소액결제현금 coach.

This lil 🐷 went to louis 👠 This lil 🐷 went to coach 👢 (Fuck kamala harris👮‍♀️) This lil 🐷 went to Maison Margiela👡 This lil 🐷 goin DOWN MY FUCKIN THROAT I B E S U C K I N T O E S 👣👣👅👅 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Coach O on winning “we are 6-0 we will enjoy it tonight. Tell the truth Monday we will see some things we don’t like. But, it’s good to win and have things to correct.”.

Coach O: I thought Trask played phenomenal. Going into Tiger Stadium and playing like that was phenomenal.

Hard to argue the O has the #LSU Program Trending “UP”.

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I respect @LSUfootball not for just beating @GatorsFB tonight but the fact that with all the noise they’re able to understand the coaching from Coach can’t even understand him in the press conference..

Top 5 favorite coaches in college football right now 1. Kirk Ferentz 2. Mike Leach 3. Brian Ferentz 4. Muschamp 5. Lincoln Riley/Coach O.

.. Coach O .. says of last TD ..pedal to the metal .. we are not going to stop .. #wgnosports #LSU.

Coach O: When you have a quarterback like Joe you know we can score everytime we have the ball.

@aguedescartoon @opropriopontes Disse isso o cidadão que dialoga com: Fallus Sonsus Aveia erótica Orcrim Garrafa de pinga Coach de guerra política Etc..

@DudaCaldieraro A fala da Damares deve ser música no ouvido do ministro Barroso, o coach do DD Dinheirol!.

Coach O is the most Louisiana man in the history of the world 😂😂.

Tom Rinaldi giving a summary of his conversation with Coach O?? That’s like ordering filet mignon and the waiter bringing you a picture of hamburger steak.

@marcmorehouse Marc, this O line has 2 first round draft picks at allegedly. Questions need to be asked..

All these LSU fans will sound coach O if we keep this time of possession #gogators.

@PauloDroopy @Jhon_XXI Já pode virar coach. Paulão duru (pi), estrelando o novo bestseller de auto ajuda: Como conquistar uma mulher usando 10 livros (que por acaso estão em promoção no meu link da amazon, corre lá).

It’s unacceptable to have an o line guru as your head coach, o lineman as your offensive coordinator and two supposed nfl tackles and for this o line to be so awful. No ability to run the ball..

Kirk you are a great head coach but we need you to go back to coaching O line full time again..

@dalehancock Can you imagine trying to do sign language on Coach O. for a hearing-impaired person?.

Coach O should tell the player to get a drink and relax and proceed to light into Aranda and his weak ass scheme..

Coach O is the greatest football coach that doesn’t know that much about football but cot damn dont he getcha fired up.

Coach O made a deal with the Football gods to get a great offense but didn’t read the fine print and is now stuck with the worst LSU defense of last 30 years lmaooooo.

@Chad_c10 @BarstoolBigCat You should of known an interview like this was coming from Coach O..

Real oficial a espiritualidade coach tem q acabar. O coach em geral na vdd mas especialmente a espiritualidade q deveria ser um espaço de autoconhecimento e compressão, e nada disso vem só de positividades.

It’s the Last Word with Coach O before the Tigers take on Florida!.

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