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When you see people paying hundreds to go to a herpes filled music festival that supports homophobic charities when all thay money can go to charites that help #Sudan . Fuck Coachella 2020..

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Why is Coachella 2020 trending? I thought we officially renamed it Beychella? BEYCHELLA 2020.

As Stanbic still thinks of 2019 Coachella 2020 tickets are up on.

why are people talking about coachella 2020? coachella literally JUST passed.

bitches buying coachella 2020 tickets and the lineup ain’t even out yet. it’s me, i’m bitches.

Maddy and I got tickets to Coachella 2020!!! All of our dreams are coming true!!!.

I really am so upset with how this whole operation played out this year with trying to purchase @coachella advance 2020 presale tickets. I waited 2 hours to find out the GA is sold Quite upsetting..

Get tickets to @Coachella 2020 (April 10-12 & 17-19) in the advance sale today at 11am! #Coachella #Coachella2020.

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Tickets to Coachella 2020 go on sale today:.

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Jump in early with travel packages for 2020 including passes, hotel & shuttle 🌴 Available now from @VMTEvents –.

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whooo got my Coachella 2020 ticket 😌✨🎡💖 every year gets more magical for me. if you wanna camp with me let me know, just get your ticket tomorrow 💝.

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y’all buying tickets for Coachella 2020 like the planet ain’t gonna die in 3 months NDKSDJ.

hi if you’re shitting on people buying coachella 2020 tickets this early please get off your high horse. literally every festival releases early discounted presale tickets. and a festival is more than just a lineup, its a culture. let people enjoy life please :).

I told myself I wasn’t gonna buy a ticket to Coachella next year see you there 2020.

i have trust issues and people really out here buying coachella 2020 tickets without knowing the headliners.

People bashing on those buying tickets to Coachella 2020 and not even knowing the have you been all these years? This has been Coachella’s thing for quite some time now 😂 if you haven’t been, then don’t complain 🙃🤙.

Someone reassure me that Coachella 2020 is better than getting flaked on in China or not going to Texas with the boys.

all that money y’all spending on coachella 2020 y’all could be putting towards coachella just ended two months.

just jumping on the twitter bandwagon about buying my Coachella 2020 ticket.

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ppl r really mad @ others for buying coachella tix before the lineup is out as if it’s not like that every lmao level up it’s not that serious and yes we’re sending chella 2020.

imagine buying a ticket to Coachella 2020 still knowing that it supports anti-lgbtq+ organizations.

People are really buying tickets to Coachella 2020 without knowing who’s headlining? Bruh I still contemplate if the festival is going to be any good as I’m waiting in line lmfao.

Rihanna releases her album late 2019 and she headlines Coachella in 2020 I’m speaking this into existence.

All I ask for Coachella 2020 is for Frank Ocean or/and Kanye to IT.

A little goes a long way 🌵 Choose the payment plan at checkout to break up your payment and buy 2020 passes for only $25 down per order.

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