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A Walking Bucket, Coby White (@whitecoby2) @accmbb Freshman of the Week (again) #CarolinaSZN.

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New post: Officials should have listened for the horn on Coby White’s shot.

@bexangell Came out like gangbusters. Carolina owned the “third quarter.” Looked like we were goin to take the L but then Jerome, Kyle, and Dre hit shot after big shot. And Dre locked down Coby White. Mamadi w/ 4 blocks. Kihei w/ 3 steals. Ty double-double. Huge, gritty W for the squad..

Coby White on his late 3-pointer that was waved off b/c of shot clock: I knew it was late. Coach knew it was late. I think we all had a feeling it was late..

I knew we weren’t gonna win when that Coby White 3 didn’t count. Momentum was already swinging their way a little bit. Disappointed in the last 4mins if the game though. Kenny player some suspect defense on Guy on several possessions. & Luke only scored 4 pts. #GoHeels.

#UNC 61, Virginia 69: Close, but not enough.

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@AllAboutThisHoo Game changer was them ruling that Coby White didn’t get that shot off..

@marchmadness @UVAMensHoops Coby White dropped the dagger a minute earlier but they called it back.

@News_Craig Bad take by Jay. Have to give some credit to UVa. They battled back, got a break (I think the refs made the right call on the Coby White miracle 3 shot clock violation) and made some tough plays. The Cavs are win-the-league good. So is UNC. So is Dook..

@awaytoworthy @KeepingItHeel Coby White shooting 2-3 times in one possession didn’t help. He took some bad shots and some costly TOs down the stretch.

Coby White tries to do too much on his own. I have no faith in this team come March.

🤷🏼‍♂️.. You hear after Duke beats UVA twice, but UVA is not really that good. Let’s Pipe that Coby White talk down a little now..

Good game guys! Just had somethings to not bounce our way this time. #TarHeels.

Takeaways from UVA v UNC 1. still think UVA stinks but more athletic than credited 2. Coby White is v good but runs like a soccer player when he dribbles 4. 6th men in Idaho HS have more Offensive creativity than Cam Johnson 5. Can’t believe Tony Bennet (hot) has the ugliest team.

@KristenBalboni What was Coby White doing the last 3 minutes ? Point guard first job is to take care of the ball..

@RickJam07344104 Hunter is excellent. UNC missed Little down the stretch. Coby White played reckless at the end. Kyle Guy is a STUD.

@notthefakemmac @teddylocke Coby White also didn’t have a bad game. Should counted that 3..

@Fuhgedabouhdit @InsideCarolina Can’t be coby white either. Guy isn’t a shooter.

Lmao idk what’s twitter or Tar Heels twitter. Just lost to a top 5 team and now Coby White sucks and UNC is going nowhere lol. If you ever wanna see some hot takes, Tar Heels twitter is where it’s at..

3-2-1 +$350 Overturned 3PT FG on Coby White and he goes 0/5 the last two minutes to lose the prop. Maye gets 5 boards last 2 minutes to lose 🤷🏻‍♂️.

That was a pretty excellent game from Dre Hunter: middle-of-the-floor offense bailed UVA out at times, 2 stocks, 22 points on 12 shooting possessions (more volume would be nice), and some solid defense vs. Coby White late..

If Coby White had let the ball go half a second earlier, I think the end of that game would’ve gone differently. Damn..

After watching this game Coby White is definitely there best player, then Johnson. Idk what y’all see in Maye besides rebounding and put 🤷🏾‍♂️.

For anyone who doesn’t believe in the value of vets ... Coby White was vastly outplayed by Kyle Guy down the stretch..

A Walking Bucket, Coby White (@whitecoby2) @accmbb Freshman of the Week (again) #CarolinaSZN.

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Coby White was AUTOMATIC last night! The freshman poured in 3⃣3⃣ for @UNC_Basketball! #CarolinaSZN.

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