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Cogliano has a six-team No list modified NTC. Dallas wasn’t among those No teams so Anaheim did not need him to waive for the deal to happen

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Shore has 2 more goals than Cogliano this season. But he’s younger, under team control salary-wise, and injects some new blood into the Anaheim locker room. Would be surprised if Bob Murray is done dealing..

I’m gonna act surprised and devastated each time I hear about Cogliano being traded. Fan favorite on and off the ice. Wishing him all the best, definitely gonna miss him!.

Interesting Ducks/Stars swap with Cogliano for Shore. Seems like the Ducks really liked Cogliano, but Shore has more upside at this point. Guess two teams just wanted to shake it up like the Penguins did with Carl Hagelin a couple of years ago..

@Josh_Khalfin @TomUrtzJr These are still players that affect the overall market. The team that buys Silfverberg is highly unlikely to then buy Zuccarello. The club that buys Cogliano is far less likely to buy Hayes, etc..

@StarsInsideEdge Will miss Shore. I hope Cogliano can bring some vet leadership and determination to the team and room. Hopefully this isn’t the only move they make..

@Cogliano7 You are already missed in Anaheim. Thank you for being the hardest working player on the team. ✊ @AnaheimDucks #cogliano Good luck in Dallas.

And yes, I completely understand that this trade is meant as a message to the rest of the team from Bob Murray, but that doesn’t make it suck any less. Gonna miss Cogliano, a lot..

@ReindeerGames91 Yeah, I’m seeing the long term benefit. I don’t think Murray wants to manage a trash team for 2 seasons, but they got younger and cheaper with this move. It hurts because Cogliano has played a bigger role than what he has this season..

Turns out the Ducks have never gone to Cogliano about the deal until it actually happened. Wonder how that went..


Interesting trade for both teams. Cogliano developed into a real solid depth player in Anaheim. I have long wanted his linemate Silfverberg for the Oilers..

@CJWoodling @kidthreeone24 Cogliano is 31 and Shore is 24. If they’re scoring about as the same then that’s a good trade. Cogliano 3 G 8 A 11 P Shore 5 G 12 A 17 P Not a substantial difference but add recent years performances, age and receive back some salary cap and that trade is fine..

@Jacob58860560 I think he is completely worth what he is paid. Would I like to see some more points come? Completely. But he is worth with the current cap. Shore is cheaper at but on the surface he is not as good as Cogliano, but he is only 24 and can improve. It’s just a meh move.

Cogliano has a six-team No list modified NTC. Dallas wasn’t among those No teams so Anaheim did not need him to waive for the deal to happen.

Yikes. Not only does thia trade not make Anaheim better, but this severely hurts GMBM’s stock amongst th fanbase (not that he does/should care). Moving a guy like Cogliano who is beloved inside and outside of the locker room is a tough sell. I mean, fans love Cogliano so much,.

We just signed Andrew Cogliano to a 3 year deal at the beginning of the year! I doubt he was the problem.

@Jacob58860560 Honestly maybe I’m a bit biased on this and I am fully admitting that, but the thought of Cogliano being dead weight isn’t really true. He drove play and if placed with different players would’ve seen some more scoring come through. Regardless he’s not a duck anymore and shore is.

When teams trade 1-for-1 for a guy in a very similar role, that signals the move is more off-ice related than anything else. That’s what this Cogliano trade screams to me..

For the record, from a sports and non-perosnal aspect, I like the trade, but as every trade goes, we have to see if it was worth it, obviously. Cogliano has miles more experience than Shore and could bring more stability to the bottom six than Shore did moving around the lineup..

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