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Cogliano has a charity called “Cogs For Dogs”. Raises awareness and funds for animal adoption and rescue. So this is setting up for the team’s biggest acquisition - a team dog - right? 🐶

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@ucsbman @Felix_Sicard This was my first thought. Getting a good guy like cogs to a team that is trending up and has a chance at a cup..

Tough to see Cogs go but it makes sense. Business-wise it is a plus for the organization. Murray just dropped the Mother Of All Bombs on his locker room. It should make everyone uneasy. It will be fascinating to see how they respond on the ice and to the press..

A “produce or perish “ move. But Cogs? granted he needed to shoot more, but trading Iron Man stings a bit. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.

This isn’t a bad trade. It’s just one that doesn’t improve the Ducks. Shore is better offensively (not by a lot) but worse defensively. This kind of trade indicates something off ice. Wondering if Cogs got into it with someone in the org..

@ReindeerGames91 The 3rd year is a huge dump though for cogs. You will be happy we dont have a 34 year old cogs..

Based on the factual & anecdotal evidence presented in this community, raise your hand if you think less than $2k per $TSLA vehicle will cover warranty expense through the covered life. These provisions for warranty expense come of course from COGS..

@Felix_Sicard What’s Shore’s contract status? It’s sad losing Cogs but at least Shore is 7 years younger?.

The person who didn’t need to go was Cogs the Ducks really trying to win invest all in on Randy.

Hey @AnaheimDucks what is going to happen to the dogs? Cogs for dogs forever and you will be missed Andrew! Thanks for all the hustle over the years!.

@ReindeerGames91 I’m sad Cogs paid the price for this crap when he was far from the issue. I wish him all the best, there’s not a better person.

@ReindeerGames91 True. Idk I think Cogs is just always gonna be this guy but maybe if we played him with finishers he would be much better? A lot of people seemed to think we won but win or lose this trade idc. This is just something little to try to patch so many problems, it’s laughable.

@DucksNPucks Love Cogs just as much as any other Ducks fan but the last time we got an Asian Canadian player from the U of Maine it ended ok lol.

I’m sad they traded Cogs, and I’m gonna be even more sad when they trade Silf very soon but I think it’s needed, this team can’t finish games and something needs to change. I’m excited to see what the new guys are gonna bring to the team and how it’ll help..

😭 Good luck in Dallas Cogs, we are going to miss you!.

@jknop750 100% sarcasm. And I tend to disagree on the time to move cogs. He was saddled with Kesler for most of the season, which to me has led to a piss poor on ice sh%. He drives play and is paid pretty much what he’s worth..

@brandonworley Also think a couple more moves could help this team. Hell, one guy changed the Cowboys whole season. That’s why I have faith with the right moves, we can still do some damage. Cogs was the right move and hope there is more to follow..

Sad to see Cogs but it’s the unfortunate reality of where this team is. Trading vets that can be moved for assets. Fact we can come away winning a trade is a bonus. Best of luck in Dallas #ironman.

@drivingrl @DallasStars OH NO!!!!!! Please do the same for Cogs. We love him very much. And I already love Devin. That smile can cure any blues..

Cogs, best of luck in Dallas; Devin, welcome to Anaheim!.

Cogs, best of luck in Dallas; Devin, welcome to Anaheim! Photo

Bummed that it’s Cogs, but at some point management had to do something to light a fire under their asses. #NHLDucks.

@Duckscolorman So back to your question last night bosses are blowing it, numbers are low, so you fire the guy who answers the Customer Service line? Cogs has underperformed, but he ain’t the reason the team is in this.

Cogliano has a charity called “Cogs For Dogs”. Raises awareness and funds for animal adoption and rescue. So this is setting up for the team’s biggest acquisition - a team dog - right? 🐶.

@DucksNPucks Taking emotion out, it was a pretty decent trade for us. Younger, more cap flexibility, more offensive upside. Loved Cogs, but a chance a pace could be beneficial to both parties.

@AnaheimDucks @devinshore Too bad! Thanks Cogs! If more players on the Ducks had the same work ethic as Cogs they would be winning games. Ducks coaching should take note of how other teams crash the net, instead of just cycling AROUND the net. A lot of missed opportunity and scoring chances. Frustrating!.

Nooooo, @AnaheimDucks whyyyy Cogs?!?! @DallasStars take care of OUR Iron man, he’s gonna be missed😢.

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