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Today is National Drink Wine Day. Today is also a Bachelor Monday. Coincidence? I think not..

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Colton I hope the girl you end up with cherishes your virginity as Catherine Cherished Sean’s & now they are married with 2 kids. I want that for you #thebachelor.

Plot twist! Colton never jumps the fence and the producers have been making us tune in every week for ratings! 😂😂 #Thebachelor.

Colton: I just want a woman who wants to get married and can tell me how she feels Hannah B: I’m falling in love with you Colton: I’m not ready for this but thanks and have a safe trip home #TheBachelor.

another bachelor episode, another 120 min spent hoping colton would jump the fence already.

Do you know when this will be back in stock? I was saving for a while and I came back to it not being in stock 😅 (Iwannaorderitsobadcries) @AmberScholl.

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Doesn’t anyone just ever see someone in traffic just jamming out? Because those are the kinda people you want as friends.

Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. -Charles Caleb Colton.

the purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace Charles Caleb Colton #inspirational #quotes.

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Why is Colton’s fence jumping being dangled in front of us and why do we care so much????.

everyone’s wondering when @colton is going to jump the fence, and I’m just trying to figure out what the damn pink notebook was that he was carrying around for the last 10 min 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔 #TheBachelor.

Colton’s dad looks like an old Mr. Butters bc let’s be real Colton looks like Mr. Butters #TheBachelor.

the bachelor is trending and it says when will colton jump the fence on the bachelor? but I thought it said when will colton jump on the fence? and I was like wait is colton gonna fuck a fence.

Is Ben H. REALLY the best person to bring on this show to offer Colton advice? Just sayin’. #thebachelor #BachelorNation.

I appreciate that all the girls went to say hi to the dog before Colton😂 #TheBachelor.

if we don’t see colton jump the GOD DAMN FENCE soon i’m gonna LOSE IT. GIVE ME THE DRAMA #TheBachelor.

Me: hey Colton you gonna jump the fence? Colton: #TheBachelor.

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This was one small step for giant leap will be coming #TheBachelor.

me: if #TheBachelor isn’t Jason or Blake I’m not watching!! also me watching these girls play Colton:.

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Why did Colton take Hannah B to meet his family out of all the girls if he’s not even in love with her? #thebachelor.

Looks like Colton brings Hannah B home so his mom can read her bc he cannot lol #TheBachelor.

Anyone else think @colton dad looks like bob Duncan from good luck Charlie #thebachelor.

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Maybe they should have chosen a bachelor to give @colton advice who was married? Or even still dating? Just a thought. #bachelor.

“You didn’t even deal with it, Colton.” - my husband accurately summing up the Bachelor #thebachelor.

OMG. Hannah B. wearing a half top to meet Colton’s parents. I’m all about a half top and hope to be rocking my mom bod in them one day soon, but that’s a bad move sister. #TheBachelor #Bachelor101.

Today is National Drink Wine Day. Today is also a Bachelor Monday. Coincidence? I think not..

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