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“Conley not a better player than DLo just a better fit” sounds good in theory till you go down the list of all 30 teams and realize none of them would want DLo over Conley.

Jordan, qu’est-ce que t’as branlé… Jordan, qu’est-ce que t’as branlé… Jordan, qu’est-ce que t’as branlé… Jordan, qu’est-ce que t’as branlé… PS : bravo Mike Conley !.

First half rotation for the Wolves: • Finch riding the KAT/Conley pairing again • NAW into the mix w/ Jaden foul trouble • Naz mostly out there w/ KAT • Slow-Mo was a -16 in 14 minutes.

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INTERVALO: Minnesota Timberwolves 53 x 55 Golden State Warriors Mike Conley: 12 pontos. Naz Reid: 9 pontos. Rudy Gobert: 7 pontos e 12 rebotes..

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@JoeVirayNBA Haha, and the announcement was perfect. Fitz focused on the pretty steph score. Ex-player Kelenna was immediately focused on Conley getting crunched..

Also 35 year old mild-mannered Mike Conley yelling FOH is too hard inject it in my veins.

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Half: 55-53 Warriors Wow that was just a crazy last 5 minutes. Like insanely bad. Kat/Ant have to figure it out. Garbage starts. Stats: Gobert: 7-12-1 Conley: 12-1-1 Anderson: 7-6-3 Reid: 9-2-1.

HT: Warriors 55, Wolves 53 GSW: 15-1 run over final 4:48 Steph: 10 pts, 7 ast Klay/Poole: 12 pts each Draymond: 11 pts, 5 reb Conley: 12 pts on 4/7 3PT Gobert: 7 pts, 12 reb KAT/Ant: 12 pts on 4/16 FG MIN: • Up 26-18 on glass • 7/14 FT • 10/23 3PT (44%) • 7 OREB -> 10 PTS.

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@Timberwolves Mike Conley 收拾行李,伙計,你有一張早上去中國的頭等艙機票.

Conley is so confused as to why play is still happening after he purposely trying to foul Steph lol.


Watch Conley intentionally foul Steph and then be mad it wasn’t called. Turnover to a 3 the next 5 seconds LOL.

@The_Birchman Same. Mind is trained to expect heartbreak. Mike Conley & Kyle Anderson are the steady forces this team has needed for years..

@J0rdanPool3 Tamo bem demais, só temos q apertar mais esse perímetro, pra evitar do Conley deitar assim, de resto tá suave..

Shaky first half back for Anthony Edwards. I feel a big 2nd half coming up. Same with KAT. Shaking off rust. Conley got hot in the 1st then had some uncharacteristic bad turnovers and couldn’t score in the 2nd. Still not in a bad spot. We got this..

Wolves defending really well with two exceptions: (1) Naz minutes (2) when Big Ball lineups stink and feed GSW transition. Wolves offense was pretty awful throughout. Conley bailed em out early but only so much of that. They don’t have offensive chemistry without Kyle at PF..

also, steph got fouled twice. conley fouled him once then anderson did the warriors just handed this game to the timberwolves. poole terrible 3, draymond terrible turnover, poole terrible turnover.

@tmwarning A culpa aqui eh 100% no curry ter passado a bola, mesmo que o conley tenha feito falta nele.

No way Warriors just did that bro!!! Wtf man also refs missed when Conley fouled Curry.

@twolvestalk32 Nice catch! Yeah damn that must have felt good for Conley to basically get the game winning stop. Just a great sequence..

@TechguyRio @brittrobson You can have a top 10 defense and still not hang with the elite teams. We would not have won the game tonight if DLo was still here and Conley was not..

@ChrisMadche In all seriousness, I noticed KAT hold his own on the perimeter a few times when needed. Obviously Ant, Jaden and Conley all excel there. But KAT didn’t seem to be a huge minus, and Rudy held down the paint pretty well.

I saw this during the game. Conley was even like, “I fouled him” lol.

We really got Conley NAW and 3 2nds for “DLo” 😹😹😹.

Conley intentionally fouled Steph I don’t understand why that wasn’t called he even looked right at the ref.

@jansepar69 @big_business_ Too bad Conley is like 35 lol With guards you never know when the wheels are just gonna suddenly fall off.

@anthonyVslater Y u letting motion merchant Steve Kerr get in ur head, u had 5-10 Conley on u and instead they have u in the corner or running around.

@SamoliansSam For sure. He felt Conley trying to foul him and just dribbled away lol like dude just let him foul you.

@nikotaughtyou Cryin Conley arguing with the ref saying he fouled Steph man what a season 😭😭😭😭.

@Jagrayy02 @JonKrawczynski Nobody other than Conley and Rudy are “helping” right now. Jaden is a foul machine, TP and Kyle were disasters. They’d be playing with two players if they kept all the players not playing well off the court. It isn’t just Ant and KAT. Just an all round bad game.

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