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Word of the evening is the Finnish invention ‘hyppytyynytyydytys’: the act of falling with a contented sigh onto the nearest available sofa. Literal translation: ‘bouncy cushion satisfaction’..

@Sports_Doctor2 If NNENNA Oti is your Returning Officer, forget it! You can’t buy her. She was my undergraduate project Supervisor and current VC of FUTO! You can’t buy her! I repeat you can’t! She’s contented and very contented!.

Select joyfulness! Do not postpone for things to become easier, simpler, or better. Life will always remain complex, hence learn to be contented in the present. Otherwise, time will run out..

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There is no man so happy and comfortable sitting around and not being influential in society and there is no woman fully contented with always standing alone and having to take on all these responsibilities. - Gender Wars, @BatengaMaria. More:.

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‘Live within your means’ I can’t stress this enough, there are quite a lot of benefits that comes with doing this, one of which includes contentment and gratitude for your hard-work. Appreciation becomes easier for you because you know what it means to be contented..

You will always meet men doing better than your guy, You will always meet ladies much more beautiful than your woman, But you will never be satisfied until you learn to be contented.🚶‍♂️📌.

@Ashcryptoreal I am contented with $45k. 😅. With that, altcoin will be already flying with colours..

So grateful that I can say I manifested the life I’m living and I am exactly where I need to be and completely contented in life. (If you know me you know I always tryna manifest something and can’t sit still).

東国三社巡りをビジネスパートナーのみなさまとしてきました。 心が洗われました。 そして東国三社守りをコンプリート。 三社で一つずつそこの神社のご神紋シールを購入して、三角柱に貼り付けていきます。 三社を回らないとご神紋シールが揃いません。 最後に東国三社守りが完成します。🥰.

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@adukwei_babe Nelisa looked better in 2017 and your fave was busy Looking like a hungry dropout please rest and be contented with your transgender.

Their descent has been very rapid. Only in the last 5-10 years has this happened. They are just so contented by footie and pints, that as long as they get these, they swallow up any regime approved opinion that is delivered to them through these mediums..

i’m just extremely contented rn to be able to finally prioritise myself and my growth without depending on others.

@EthosOfWarrior Being at peace, happy and contented with what I have… This is my goal and what I hope to achieve..

@CultonScovia Every state disrupted by the west has the same script ... election malpractice, opposition not contented, majority population not what they voted , riot police ... Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya are not far.

Some times you wonder , are the police contented will the the government they are protecting or they are just forced by ! #Maandamano.

@dowywedo5 Now I see why you don’t trust me…now you’ve got yourself scammed cause you are not contented with me..

How I wish I could go to Japan. I shouldn’t keep my hopes high if not the disappointment will be greater. I should be just be contented..

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@jaccocharite She is lovely bro, and I cannot hear her voice as the video plays w/o audio on my end. No wonder your profile pic shows such a contented man. Very well done and share my respects with that fine young lady please..

@Bn_Abdulhadi That’s what I always tell people that I prefer my peace of mind over money or fame but they’d be arguing. Life is not all about riches, you can have nothing and be contented plus richness comes with the zeal of making more money.

@Davidspredict Bless me for breakfast boss and I will be contented @Davidspredict 🙏🙄.

@AW1_20 People slowed down. Started questioning media and government more and more. Feeling existential dread with people not noticing these things was awful but now most people are educated on government and private sector overreach and I feel a lot more contented..


@STYGYANABYSS ㅤ ㅤ joyful titters escaped her lips. contented, qīngxuán inquired. “ oh! where are we going now? are you taking me to eat something again, míng-xiōng? ” ㅤ.

@JaneyGodley Not bad for someone who travelled all of mothering Sunday You rook so contented and happy ,thank you so much for everything ....... looking forward to seeing Ashley next time ...........😍 You have an amazing rest .......... Love you to bits ........xx❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎.

Yaani uko contented na the state of the economy, Jana tu stalks imekua fucked up, the national debt na the cost of living inakua unbearable There is no better poison but hii hapana, tuletewe tu ingine tukaifeel🥲.

May we always work together to spread understanding, not just today, to create a more accepting, and a more contented world making a safe space for everyone to be happy. 😉.

queg, to my amazement, contented himself with restricti _Iherb_Coupon_Code_Discount_Promocode_Supplment_Reward_S_ Mr. Holmes said he. I a.

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@Starboy2079 I was a kid then . I m a grown up now and i m not having a good time. Any suggestions? Or should i just compare it with past and be contented?.

Happiness is found not in external circumstances, but in a contented mind. Chrysippus #stoicism #stoic.

@bevalynekwambo3 Frankly, it is not an ideal situation. It is wrong to be contented with mediocrity..

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