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American Horror Story: Coven, but make it FASHUN. (I would have worn a wide brimmed hat, but my head is too big for hats😭)

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M ()

I really can’t believe people think Coven is the best American Horror Story season!!! I loved the actors, and the setting but it was so boringgggg! They ain’t do shit juicy with their powers

Dread Pirate Roberts
Dread Pirate Roberts ()

Murder House then Coven then Freakshow then Asylum then Hotel then Roanoke and the rest are garbage and in any non-specific order

Emelie😼 ()

@Saweetie the only correct order best to worst: asylum, coven, freak show/murder house tie, cult, hotel, apocalypse, roanoke, 1984

𝒯𝑜𝓇𝒾🌺 ()


olga foroga ☔
Olga foroga ☔ ()

coven is overrated af, asylum and murder house remain superior

MRMAN 🔊 ()

German law favours women greatly so if u annoy ur wife, she will call police and boom u are on d street with no home. Nwoke banyi lọtara here lụrụ nwaanyị ga Germany bizi na nke enyi ya nwoke ugbu a. The wife is d secretary of feminist coven in were WhatsApp group

Tiffany Palmer
Tiffany Palmer ()

@Saweetie im so glad you have AHS trending. I thought I was the only one getting the itch. Anywho, Murder House yes, but Hotel and Coven for sure.

angie ミ☆ folkwhore
Angie ミ☆ folkwhore ()

@Saweetie coven is the best season but also 1984 is extremely underrated and the 2nd best season imo

хьюстон, я проблема
хьюстон, я проблема ()

Каждый раз, когда осознаю, что сижу вот так (а так я сижу 70% своего времени и не важно, кафе это, кинотеатр или скамейка в парке), какой-то голос внутри меня орет: ну ты же девочка, как так можно! А уже мой голос отвечает: хуевочка! Так удобнее! И мне прям так хорошо становится

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Ary🔮 ()

Y no podré ir a celebrarlo con mi coven estoy: sad @_GuaCamile_ @Dark_Doom_Honey

Mudi Bankz™
Mudi Bankz™ ()

Twitter has been dry for a while sha No false rape accusation for weeks now Wetin happen? The coven taking a recess?

8th Hokage
8th Hokage ()

@JAAYXFUEGO @fnhazard11 coven > asylum > apocalypse > 1989 > murder house > hotel > the rest

Love, João 😗✌
Love, João 😗✌ ()

Meu Top 9 de AHS: 1 - Coven 2 - Roanoke 3 - 1984 4 - Apocalypse 5 - Muder House 6 - Asylum 7 - Cult 8 - Hotel 9 - Freak Show

Gypsy ()

@lunigthh eu sou muito cadelinha de coven 🤧 mas asylum a melhor temporada sem dúvida

͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏zoë ▫️team swag!
͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏͏zoë ▫️team swag! ()

me and the bad bitch coven were laughinh so hard over this edit so who is this, wrong answers only

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𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚒 ()

ahs nos trends queria dizer que asylum, coven, e murder house deixam as outras no chinelo

Kagome Higurashi(Bella Swan-premonition)Belladonna
Kagome Higurashi(Bella Swan-premonition)Belladonna ()

@OlympicCovenPNW how many people can tell im awake? HISSS stays hidden in my cave. Meow . im Seer coven also I can do the Premonition blinking fast light thing xD idk how to explain with my screen on my PC videos can see future to past event me can do it fast to see ppl info xD

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° ()

my ahs ranking: 1. coven 2. asylum 3. apocalypse 4. 1984 5. murder house 6. hotel 7. freak show 8. roanoke 9. cult

Aku 星☆゚.*・
Aku 星☆゚.*・ ()

sim eu dropei coven. queria mais de asylum e acabei cansando de coven, achei chatinha podem me crucificar

Amanda ()

@ddeussantanais não eh suuper ruim, mas comparada a qualquer outra temporada (principalmente Asylum) Coven fica no chinelo

Dire ()

@DuskintheCoffin @nite_coven I completely understand if you dont want to adopt an ugly monster freak i understand

Klaus ()

asylum é perfeito de todas as formas, mas a abertura de coven pisa muito

💚🧀💛 1-0
💚🧀💛 1-0 ()

@RayMaraj The seasons of AHS from BEST TO WORST in my opinion are as follows: -Coven -Apocalypse -Roanoke -Asylum -1984 -Cult -Freakshow -Murder House -Hotel

👨‍💻 ()

@Postsubman Feminist coven will be setting up a Gofundme account to contribute for her.

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Dusk🌙 ()

@DireTheWerewolf @nite_coven Did I upset you? Seems like I do that to everyone in my

Jodi Ann Fahey
Jodi Ann Fahey ()

Forced into a world of vampires, werewolves, and all things mystical, Casey must learn the power she possesses as she unlocks the mysteries of her past to save herself and her coven as the next Letorian Descendant. (link: ) #rrbc #YA

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victor | ahs 10
Victor | ahs 10 ()

mais um dia do povo falando mal de coven na minha tl, odiada? muito, esquecida? jamais

Pedrusculete ()

ah tudo bem, eu aceito. Asylum e coven são as patroas demais

Steph ()

American Horror Story: Coven, but make it FASHUN. (I would have worn a wide brimmed hat, but my head is too big for hats😭)

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Il y a deux ans commençait la saison Apocalypse mêlant les personnages de Coven et Murder House, regroupant une grande partie des acteurs mythiques de la série et marquant le grand retour de Jessica Lange ! Votre avis deux ans après ? #AHS #AHSApocalypse

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