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Look. It’s always boundaries that separate winners and losers. Usually national boundaries though. #CricketWorldCupFinal.

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@Atheist_Krishna Where were you Krishna?? We missed you on the #CricketWorldCupFinal day..

Cricket’s batting bias: An overthrow, a boundaries count & a (batting) mug’s game. By Indrajit Hazra. #CricketWorldCupFinal.

#CricketWorldCupFinal The humility that New Zealand showed in beating India in the semifinals and humility they showed in losing to England in a heartbreaking final is something you rarely see in team sport..

Big debate tonight with our French student about feeding the world . without cheese factories ! I think it must be something to do with France not winning the #CricketWorldCupFinal.

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I cover quite a few things that took place like: The muslim players avoiding alcohol, unusual suspects celebrating, Brexit, as well as some other bits and bobs. Not to be missed. #EnglandCricketTeam #CricketWorldCupFinal.

I’m still not over this cricket! For @englandcricket To win a World Cup on boundaries played that day is unreal! The most sustained sporting drama I can remember. #WorldCup2019Final #CricketWorldCupFinal.

Reporter: Sir, What if number of boundaries would also have been equal for both the teams? ICC: We would then compare 10th standard mark-sheets of both the captains and decide! 😂😂😂 #ICCRules #CricketWorldCupFinal.

That’s all. #CricketWorldCupFinal #EnglandvsNewzealand.

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Even as a Welshman I was wanting England to win the #CricketWorldCupFinal yesterday, that was until @piersmorgan popped up on my screen. After that I was full on @BLACKCAPS ! I’d imagine every Englishman felt exactly the same way!.

Stokes rightly getting the headlines for his contribution to @englandcricket World Cup final triumph but Buttler’s run a ball 59, his 4 off final ball of the super over and his take to run out Guptil were all crucial. Just as crucial as Stokes in many ways. #CricketWorldCupFinal.

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Having watched the highlights of the cricket after being on holiday have to applaud the outstanding commentary of Ian Smith in what must have been painful circumstances. Special mention to NZ team too whose sportsmanship was exemplary. #CricketWorldCupFinal.

The #CricketWorldCupFinal got peak ratings of last night, across Channel 4 and Sky. Like the halcyon summer of 2005 again. Hope a deal can now be struck to make, say, one of the five Ashes Tests free-to-air this summer.

Seems a lot to ask, shame there was no TV pictures or an additional umpire to assist them ... #CricketWorldCupFinal #ENGvsNZ.

@cricketaakash ये लीग सब लीग मैच तूफान के पहले की शांति थी क्या🤔😂??#CricketWorldCupFinal #wcleaguematch2019.

In this world cup, @BLACKCAPS were not the only ones robbed. @Sah75official was also robbed of his Player of the tournament award! #CricketWorldCup2019 #CricketWorldCupFinal.

Still can’t get over that super over yesterday. Unbelievable 🏏 #CricketWorldCupFinal.

My @EveningStandard @cricketworldcup #CricketWorldCupFinal #cartoon.

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Have been activity following social media since last night. Nobody has congratulated England without feeling for New Zealand. #CricketWorldCupFinal #ENGvsNZ.

Wonderful comments from England captain Eoin Morgan following the #CricketWorldCupFinal result: “We had Allah with us as well. I spoke to Adil Rashid, he said Allah was definitely with us. I said we had the rub of the green. That actually epitomises our team 1/2.

Look. It’s always boundaries that separate winners and losers. Usually national boundaries though. #CricketWorldCupFinal.

The inventors finally lay their hands on the ultimate trophy in Cricket. Huge congratulations to #England for winning the nail-biting #CricketWorldCupFinal..

Both team deserve you have to give only one cup it doesn’t mean you disappoint another winning ICC should declare both team as a if it was decision than i think this were a best decision #ICCRules #CricketWorldCupFinal.

Poora match hi agar superover ki tarha khela jaye tou 8/900 runs tou ban hi sktay hain araam sey. #CricketWorldCupFinal.

It’s 6 am and i’m still can’t get past the overthrow decision and the match being decided on boundaries. In the purest form of cricket, you’ve got to take 20wickets to win, why is the World Cup final being decided on #CricketWorldCupFinal.

First there was the offside rule. Now Men across the Country are going to have to sit and explain the lbw rule,over and over #CricketWorldCupFinal #ENGvsNZ.

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